A Christian teacher in Tamil Nadu beats a young pupil, which causes him serious head injuries


The director advises parents who have come to complain to withdraw their child from their school

Chenai- A 7-year-old student was beaten with a stick by a teacher at St. Joseph’s School, Thiruvalangadu in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The 2nd standard student suffered serious head injuries as a result of this beating. When his terrified parents rushed him to the hospital, he started vomiting on the way and lost consciousness. The teacher said the boy had been beaten because he had messed up the class.

However, when the parents went to the school to complain, they were treated very rudely by the school administration. Instead of dealing with the complaint, the principal shockingly told the parents to take a transfer certificate and leave the school. The parents filed a complaint with the police about it.

Editorial Viewpoints
  • The mainstream anti-Hindu media are silent as usual on this issue as the accused in this case is a Christian school. But know this dear Hindus, if a similar case had happened in an RSS or any other Hindu school they would have moved heaven and earth to sue the Hindus.
  • It is also true that wherever the anti-Hindu DMK (Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam ie Dravida Pragati Sangh) government is in power in the state, there is no possibility of any action being taken against the Christian school.


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