A Meridian School teacher makes a board game


Eric Olsen created Glyphics, a board game inspired by random household items. The game is now sold in Target and will be coming soon to Amazon.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — A local teacher is going beyond the classroom to inspire people with a new board game that has officially hit the market.

Eric Olsen, a high school teacher at Idaho Technical Career Academy High School, says, “It gets my own kids away from their phones, and it gets people away from their devices, and you can just hang out and talk.”

Olsen created a family board game he says it started with him playing with a pile of random objects in his kitchen.

“I just sort of rearranged it and had the kids guess what it was, and they thought it was kind of fun,” Olsen said.

Two years later, Olsen creates Glyphic’s which is inspired by the game Pictionary, but with a twist.

“But instead of drawing the picture, you create or build the picture with the pieces,” Olsen said.

It’s not just an opportunity to create family memories, Olsen says he hopes the board game will come to classrooms in Idaho.

“All that creativity and the ability for students to try something new. I’m excited to see what my teacher friends do with it in the classroom,” Olsen said.

Just in time for the holiday season, this local teacher’s board game has launched at Target stores nationwide.

“I went to one of the targets in Boise just a few days ago and saw it on the shelf for the first time, so that was a great moment. It’s very exciting,” said Olsen said.

This is not the end of Olsen’s board game creations. Now that he knows it’s possible, he says he has another one planned.

“My second game is super fun, another easy game that anyone can sit down and play, it’s a card game. It’s called flip. We’re pretty excited to see if we can release more games and more people having fun with more games,” says Olsen.

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