Academy of Science and Arts teacher receives National Council certification


The Science & Arts Academy is pleased to announce that Ms. Amy Jacobs is one of 153 Illinois teachers to have earned National Board Certification, the most respected professional certification available in education.

Science & Arts Academy (SAA) is an independent, nonprofit day school for gifted students in kindergarten through eighth grade located in Des Plaines, IL. Currently teaching Grade 3, Language Arts and Social Studies at SAA, Ms. Jacobs brings to the school and its students a wealth of experience and expertise in gifted education. With an Illinois certification as a gifted education teacher, Ms. Jacobs has taught for the past 20 years in public and independent schools as a classroom teacher, self-directed gifted teacher, and resource/resource teacher. gifted support.

“After earning my master’s degree at DePaul University, I was looking for a way to continue growing as an educator. When I discovered that I could earn National Board certification as a gifted and talented teacher, I I was thrilled – it was the next step in my teaching journey. The rigorous work required for National Board certification has helped me to become a more accomplished and intuitive teacher. I could never have met this challenge without the support of my colleagues or my students and their families. Thank you!” said Amy Jacobs.

National Board certification candidates invest several years in the rigorous certification process

demonstrating an understanding of their students, content knowledge, instructional practices, and use of data and assessments. Recognized as the “gold standard” in teacher certification, the National Council believes that higher standards for teachers mean better learning for students.

“Amy’s dedication to the teaching profession is matched only by the passion and care she has for her students. Achieving National Board certification is a significant achievement and all of us at the SAA, congratulations, we are so proud of her and the contributions she continues to make in the lives of young people,” said school principal Tim Costello.

Science & Arts Academy was founded in 1992 with the vision of providing gifted students with a stimulating and supportive environment designed for their unique abilities. SAA is highly regarded throughout the Chicago area for its challenging and inspiring curriculum, small classroom setting, and expertise and knowledge in supporting gifted children. To learn more, visit the school’s website at


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