Actor Sehban Azim says it was ‘really scary’ to return to work amid Covid-19 pandemic



Actor Sehban Azim. a fairly popular name in the television industry, says he was ‘scared’ enough to return to work amid the Covid-19 crisis but quickly accepted the ‘new normal’. He also explains that he is part of the Soulsathi short film backed by Eros Now and reveals that he had an amazing time working with Adah Sharma as she is a “mesmerizing” co-star.

(Excerpts from an interview with DH)

What prompted you to take Soulsathi?

The whole idea of ​​Soulsathi resonates with me and I’m glad it came to me. I met the director and he was convinced that I was the right choice for the character. It wasn’t just that I wanted to do it, he also felt like I was the right choice. So there was a process of give and take.

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How was the experience of working with Adah Sharma?

She is fascinating and a wonderful actress. Adah is multi-talented and a wonderful co-actor to work with.

Do you prefer to work in the television industry rather than making short films?

I can’t choose one. The shorts have a small wingspan and are wrapped in 20 minutes. However, you have scenes to play on TV. Both have their pros and cons and have been good for me. I want to work both on court and on television.

How did you get interested in acting?

I’m an engineer but I gave up my job because I wanted to do more and not just sit at the desk and work. I came to Mumbai and it all happened organically. I have received calls for commercials and for television. However, there was no plan as such.

How easy or difficult were your early years in the industry?

I didn’t have to struggle much because I had plans when I was looking for them. However, the process of (waiting for) their release was difficult.

What kept you going during the “struggle” phase?

The very thought that I was getting calls kept me going as it indicated that people knew (were aware of) my job.

How was the experience of returning to work in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis?

It was really scary when we first started, but we’ve gotten used to it now. The idea, however, is still surreal to me as we have to avoid physical contact and everyone is wearing PPE around us. It’s good in a way because there is cleanliness but it scares me sometimes.



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