After the namaz protests, the Christmas event stopped at the Pataudi school | News from Gurgaon


Gurgaon: A Christmas celebration at a private school in Pataudi was stopped on Saturday by a group of men who snatched the microphone of a priest giving a lecture and shouted “Jair Shri Ram” slogans. The latest disruption follows protests by right-wing activists almost weekly in the NCR district since October against Namaz congregations in the Muslim community.
At the Pataudi School, House of Hope had organized a “Christmas Milan”, the theme of which was to sensitize people to the “true meaning of Christmas” through songs, dances and teachings of the Bible. A number of local children and women gathered for the event.
Within minutes of the start of the program, the group of men, who identified themselves as members of the Dharam Jagriti mission, broke into the room and alleged that the program was organized to “brainwash the children” and “To prepare them for conversion”.
RP Pandey, the team president, said that although Christmas carols have been practiced in the school in recent days, they have no idea what the schedule is. But two days ago invitations were sent out to locals to attend the Christmas program. “It is through song and dance that they promote their religion and influence the minds of children,” said Pandey. He claimed that most of those who attended the event were from humble backgrounds.
A pastor said a House of Hope member hosted the event in a personal capacity. “We were also present when the unfortunate incident took place. They started shouting slogans and disrupted the program, ”he said. The priest described as “unfortunate” the series of disruptions of Friday prayers since October and asked this correspondent not to reveal his identity or the name of the school where the event was organized for fear of a backlash. “We believe in love. We are not going to file a complaint with the police, ”he added.
Video posted on social media shows a man ripping the microphone off the speaker and shouting “Jai Shri Ram” slogans as others join in. In another part of the clip, several children can be seen sitting on the floor in front of the stage as a woman in a yellow sari sings and a man in a gray suit plays the guitar.
Shailender Kumader, the SHO of the Pataudi police station, said he had not received any complaints. It was not the first time that right-wing groups in Pataudi have protested against what they claimed to be a religious conversion. During a July 4 mahapanchayat, the gunman who shot a group of Citizenship Amendment Act protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, reportedly delivered a provocative speech against a particular community. A video of the speech was posted widely on social media, leading to calls for legal action against the rally and the speakers.


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