Avoid romantic relationships at school – Education director warns teachers and students



The Volta regional education director has warned teachers and students against romantic relationships, saying such an act would result in punishment.

Enyonam Afi Amafuga, speaking at the inauguration of a 13-member board of governors of Alavanyo Higher Technical School in Hohoe Municipality, encouraged teachers and students to live exemplary lives worthy of ‘be imitated.

She congratulated the former members of the Board for their immense support towards the improvement of the school.

The education director also noted that students can be inconvenient at times, but reminded staff to resist corporal punishment of students who have done wrong as it is against the law.

“I suggest that we use the recitation of the Bible or the Quran several times, which can even bring them closer to the things of God instead of punishing them,” she said.

She tasked the new board members to make sure they do even better than their predecessors by coming up with more innovative ways of working with school authorities to improve the school.

The school’s progress, she said, should be most important to the board.

She noted that the school has critical issues that require urgent attention, and that their mandates are expected to have a positive impact on the school, especially boarding issues for indiscipline, poor academic performance, lack of infrastructure, learning materials and more.

Avoid romantic relationships at school - Education director warns teachers and students

Ms. Enyonam Afi Amafuga also called on staff and parents to provide the board with the necessary support to ensure an effective mandate.

According to her, the performance of students since 2018 has not been the best; therefore, urgently need attention to turn the situation around.

“The school’s performance over the past few years has been catastrophic and bleak, and something urgent needs to be done about it,” she said.

She further called on students to pay attention to their books instead of wasting their time in profitable ventures.

The school principal, Reverend Samuel Pius Elewokor, for his part lamented the limitation of human resources, which he said was affecting teaching and learning.

“We need around 27 teaching and non-teaching staff to help us improve student performance,” he said.

Reverend Elewokor also raised concerns about the congestion in the school.

He was however grateful to the various stakeholders for their immense help in solving some of the challenges facing the school.

The region’s supreme leader, Togbega Tsedze Atakora VII, advised the new board members to work hard to improve the school’s fortunes.

With a three-year term, the board must effectively manage the affairs of the school to achieve the positive results necessary for the growth of the school.

The board members include the representative of the Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES), John Kwasi Nyoagbe, the Regional Director of Volta and Acting City Director of Hohoe, GES, Enyonam Afi Amafuga, the Director of ASTECH, Rev. Samuel Pius Elewokor; and a representative, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Evangelist John Adza.

Avoid romantic relationships at school - Education director warns teachers and students

Others are representatives of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly, Christian Amoah Intsiful and David Anku Boateng, representatives of the Historical or Traditional Authority, Cudjoe Senyo Amenyah and Mama Amakpoe II.

The others are representatives of former students, Reverend Divine Kormla Gborsi and Clemence Yawo Kitsi, representative of teaching staff, Mr. Henry Okain, representative of non-teaching staff, Benjamin Bainey Ophylia Kumah as secretary of the board.

New members were sworn in by the Synod Clerk of the Central Presbytery of the Evangelical Church of Ghana, Reverend Michael Kungu.



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