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Party of One aka Mr Stribley performing at the Jetty Beach House last Sunday

Narranga Primary School teacher Eric Stribley wowed the crowd with a series of cruise songs last Sunday afternoon at the Jetty Beach House.

The crowd immersed themselves in bluesy and country tones ranging from REM to John Farnham, Boy George and Michael Buble.

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The singer/guitarist has a dual identity of Mr Stribley, the primary school teacher during the week and the stage name ‘Party of One’, who performs concerts at weekends.

Narranga Primary School student Jaida said the charismatic teacher makes math fun.

“He always sings in class, everyone is looking forward to his lessons,” she said.

“It makes Maths Online fun, I learn more when I’m having fun and enjoying the class”.

Mr Stribley moved from Geelong to the Coffs coast earlier this year and brought his Party of One show with him, the reason for the move was simple.

“Weather!” he said laughing.

The talented teacher effortlessly rolled out classic after classic and gave insight into what goes into a three-hour set.

“I have about 160 songs which are four unique sets of music.

“So if you see me on Saturday and Sunday, it’s going to be a whole different lineup of songs and experiences.

“I try to adapt the songs to the character of the place and the atmosphere of the crowd.

“It’s something I learned over time, I started playing drums in a blues band when I was 15 and played in a duo in Geelong and Melbourne for over 25 years.

“I love playing music and have found it complements classroom learning as well, levels of engagement and enthusiasm increase dramatically which is a win, win for everyone.”

There’s a good reason Party of One is only for weekends.

“I tend to play at weekends, otherwise I risk losing my voice,” he said.

“A day in class can take a toll on your vocal cords, so I’m saving Party of One for the weekends.

“When I stop playing live and think I have nothing more to offer, I will stop – I don’t see that happening,” he said.

By Dylan and David Wigley


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