Clarifying why private schools closed on April 25: Education Department: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Kurukshetra, May 2

The Department of Education has sought clarification from private schools in Kurukshetra for closing their establishments on April 25 without providing prior information or seeking permission from authorities.

Labeled a violation of Haryana school education rules, the department ordered schools to send in their clarifications within two days. According to the notice issued April 29 by the District Education Officer (DEO) of Kurukshetra, “Closing schools without permission is a violation of Rules 43 and 191A of the School Education Rule 2003 of the Kurukshetra. ‘Haryana’.

DEO Arun Ashri said: “Following complaints from parents, the notices have been published. Further action will be taken based on the responses we receive from schools.

Private schools and parents’ associations in Kurukshetra are at odds over the issue of rising fees. A number of private schools under the banners of Kurukshetra Private School Association, Haryana Progressive Schools Conference, Federation of Kurukshetra Private Schools and Sahodaya Kurukshetra remained closed on April 25 to mark their protest.

While parents protested against private schools and accused them of not following government standards regarding fees and charging more than the fees declared in Form 6. On the other hand, schools claimed that they had followed all standards, but a group of parents had created a disturbance.


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