Class of 1991 from KNUST Medical School supports alma mater with computers and printers


Access to information has become crucial in the face of the emergence and treatment of many diseases.

ICTs are therefore useful in dealing with these situations.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (SMS-91) Class of 1991 School of Medicine and Dentistry therefore supports their alma mater with computers and printers to support teaching and learning.

SMS-91 is a group of 34 physicians who were among 40 students admitted to the School of Medical Sciences in 1985 to meet seven other students.

Since technology made it possible to bring the group members together, they discussed ways to help the school.

The group was led by Professor Jonathan Dakubo, a surgeon and senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Medical School and Dr Worlali Nutakor, a US-based emergency medicine specialist.

They presented 10 desktop computers and four rugged printers to the school.

They believe the gesture will go a long way in reducing the challenges facing the School.

“We are here today to introduce 10 desktop computers and four rugged printers to the school to help develop the school’s ICT capacity to reduce the difficulties students face in accessing information,” said Professor Dakubo.

He pleaded with other alumni groups to come to the school’s aid.

“As the school continues to make efforts to recruit younger staff, we pray that many more year groups will prove up to the task in supporting our group of alumni,” he said. he declares.

The school’s dean, Professor Daniel Ansong, noted that the donation will replace outdated equipment in critical sections of the school.

“These equipment will go to special places in the school. These are the student affairs office, the exams office, the library, and a few viewpoints.

“We think the ten computers will help a lot,” he said.

Senior Deputy Registrar for Advancement and Alumni Relations, Mr. James Oberko called for enhanced collaboration between alumni and the university to ensure mutual growth.

He pointed out that the beneficial activities of the elders will not go unnoticed.

“We are looking at you taking on projects, in the areas of mentorship and homecoming.

“Please keep in mind that not only will we be asking you to donate, but we will be celebrating your accomplishments,” he said.


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