CMS Updates Pickup Policy After Teacher Says He Was ‘Stunned’ While Trying To End A Student Brawl In College


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A teacher at Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools says he was “knocked out” during a brawl at a Charlotte college. CMS said they are now making changes to the way children are dismissed following the brawl involving students.

The violent incident took place outside Ranson Middle School located at 5850 Statesville Road in Charlotte.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the fight involved students and their family members after school on Tuesday.

A dance teacher told FOX 46 he was asked to help break up the fight and was knocked out.

Ranson Middle School said they were increasing security measures when the school was fired. From Thursday, they said students were to stay inside the building until their parents arrived. Parents are also no longer allowed to leave their car and must provide ID prior to pickup.

But the teacher, who didn’t want his face filmed for safety reasons, told FOX 46 that it happens too often at school and that he wants more accountability for those involved.

“If things like this happen regularly, they shouldn’t be in school anymore,” he said. “We know how to teach, but I don’t think we’ve signed up for something like this to the point where we don’t know what each day will be like.”

The CMS teacher told FOX 46 that he plans to press charges against the person who did this to him. Currently, he said he was recovering from a concussion at home.

Declaration issued by CMS

The safety and security of our staff and students is a top priority. An altercation involving students and family members occurred during the dismissal yesterday. A staff member was injured in the incident, which is still under investigation. The school has tightened security measures for the dismissal process. These are described below in a message sent to families.

Good evening, the Raider family. Here is Principal Brown with an important update regarding the afternoon layoff. From tomorrow, all motorists will remain inside until the arrival of parents or guardians. Parents or guardians must provide proof of identity as well as the scholarship holder’s name and educational level. Drivers will need to drive to the end of the carpool lane, following instructions from staff members in the carpool park, staying in vehicles at all times. Please ensure that you are on the scholar’s emergency contact list. We ask for your patience as this process will take longer, but is set up for additional security measures. Thank you for your continued support. In addition, tonight’s APTS interest meeting has been postponed to a later date. Stay tuned for more information. Have a good evening.

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