East Aurora candidate drops school board race | Education


Teresa M. Reile, who voted in Florida in March, is withdrawing from the race for the East Aurora school board.

“There is not enough time to fix this now before the election,” Reile said in a statement, “And because I believe in transparency and accountability, I am doing the logical thing and stepping down. “

Despite dropping out, Reile’s name will likely appear on the ballot on Tuesday.

Reile voted March 15 in Clearwater, Fla., in the municipal elections, according to the Pinellas County Supervisor’s Office of Elections. She registered with the Erie County Board of Elections to vote from her East Aurora residence in early April. But state education law requires applicants to have resided in the district for one year.

She was running with Dawn Vona and Dawn Raczka. A statement from the three-candidate campaign says Reile received a letter from the school district attorney Wednesday at 2 p.m., “demanding that Ms. Reile produce documents and statements within 24 hours. This deadline does not could not be respected.”

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Reile said she was unaware she might have been ineligible and did not realize there was a problem until it was brought to her attention on Tuesday morning.

She told The Buffalo News that she only decided to run for the board the day before the petitions deadline, April 18.

“When I was asked to help, without thinking too much about it, I said ‘Yes.’ I made the decision to return to East Aurora and New York as my home,” Reile said in a statement. .

She said she was considering becoming a permanent resident of Florida, but “East Aurora is my home. This state’s politics don’t match mine, but I love East Aurora and the people of West New York,” she said.

Incumbents Terri Ohweiler and Paul Blowers, and Maria Improta, are also running for three seats on the East Aurora school board.


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