Education departments prepare for new school year with measures against COVID-19


Jeddah – The Ministry of Education has approved the preparations undertaken by the regional offices while preparing for the start of the school year. Teachers and students are expected to return to school on Sunday August 29.

Elementary, middle and high school teachers are returning to schools after classes were suspended 531 days ago due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Jeddah, more than 38,000 teachers returned to their schools on Sunday, in preparation for the school year and to ensure that schools are ready to receive students next week.

Jeddah Director of Education Dr Saad Al-Masoudi was briefed on the application of precautionary measures in classrooms and ensured that schools comply with preventive measures against COVID-19 .

During their time in Al-Baha, more than 10,000 teachers attended schools as part of the commitment to safe attendance procedures that schools in the area have implemented.

And in Taif, more than 27,000 teachers have returned to their classes as part of the application of health measures and coronavirus prevention measures. The ministry is also preparing its youngest students for the new year.

Younger students will be included in precautionary and preventive methods, with the aim not only of ensuring their safety, but also that of their families and communities.

The ministry has recorded appointments to be automatically vaccinated for students who have not received the vaccine, aged 12 and over.

While elementary and kindergarten students will study remotely for a period of approximately two months, and they will resume their studies in person on October 30.


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