Education: Train our future leaders


Posted: 10/24/2022 7:15:52 PM

Modified: 24/10/2022 19:15:42

Elementary school students from Christa McAuliffe School, Beaver Meadow School and Broken Ground School attended a Youth Leadership Summit with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program at Headquarters from Northeast Delta Dental in Concord on October 4-5.

The summit, called Bonstingl Leaders for the Future Summit, was led by international education consultant John Jay Bonstingl of Maryland. This is a program created specifically to empower elementary school children and help them realize their leadership potential. Northeast Delta Dental has sponsored Youth Leadership Summits for 13 years.

At the summit, students learned about leadership traits and took a personal inventory of their own skills and traits. Then they were encouraged to create a project that would benefit their school or community. One group of students designed a program to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention, while another group brainstormed a plan for students to help out at a local food pantry.

In addition to pupils from Concord, primary pupils from Mills Falls Charter School and Founders Academy Charter School in Manchester also attended the summit.


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