Election 2022: Mathew Weisfeld, Holmdel School Board


HOLMDEL, NJ—Mathew Weisfeld is one of eight candidates seeking three seats for a full term on the Holmdel School Board in the Nov. 8 general election.

In these profiles, based on the questions provided, the candidates give voters information about themselves and their positions on the issues. Patch publishes individual profiles leading up to the election.

Weisfeld, a former student and teacher in the district, said he received an excellent education there. But he and his team want the district to achieve higher academic standards for its students. “One of our main goals is to find ways to continue to support the STEM/STEAM-based curriculum,” he said of the Holmdel Education First slate.

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Read more about the candidate Mathieu Weisfeld:

Last name: Mathieu Weisfeld

Find out what’s going on in Holmdel-Hazletwith free real-time Patch updates.

Age: 37

Town of residence : Canton of Holmdel

Job sought : Holmdel School Board

Are you a holder or do you already have school or civic experience? : Nope

Do you have a campaign designation or list? : Holmdel Education First

Campaign website: https://holmdeleducationfirst.org/

Family: Approaching my seventh birthday with my wife Jane Weisfeld and two beautiful daughters. Shyla who is 4 years old and attends the village school, and Goldy who is 23 months old.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Monmouth University in History and Education with a minor in Information Technology. Masters in Education from Monmouth University.

Occupation: Former teacher at Holmdel High School and adjunct professor at Monmouth University and Brookdale. Currently owns VPI Industries, the world leader in high-end American-made turntables. Also owner and head instructor of the United Martial Artist Academy.

Why do you want to run for the school board and what in your experience or background prepares you for election:

Academic achievements and teaching experience:

I grew up and followed the Holmdel education system. Holmdel prepared me for life and success. I want those same opportunities and more for my own children. I will live and die in Holmdel and always strive to help and advance our community and our education.

My time as a former Holmdel educator and successful entrepreneur and business owner has given me some unique experiences. My company, VPI, is a globally recognized brand, producing products made in America.

During the pandemic, I converted my factory to manufacturing PPE supplies, donating thousands of bottles of sanitizer, face shields, etc. All were donated to first responders, hospitals, senior centers, schools and other frontline heroes in the Holmdel community and across North America.

I have experience as a communicator and someone who values ​​relationships. I encourage the success of all those around me because we will always be stronger together. The main achievements of my experience include:

  • Ten years leading a successful global manufacturing company in the United States
  • Three years running a successful karate school
  • Twenty years of teaching Karate
  • Five years of teaching technology classes at Holmdel High School
  • Four years of teaching as an assistant professor at Monmouth University
  • Three years of teaching as an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College
  • Four study programs approved by the Holmdel Board of Education
  • Creation of the Animation and Gaming class at Lycée Holmdel
  • Place over 100 students in internship/employment opportunities
  • Nominated for Professor Holmdel of the Year

If you are running as part of a slate, please explain the main positions on the slate if there are agreed positions. Please name your list and its other candidates:

Our slate is “Holmdel Education First”. We appreciate the focus on advancing the curriculum and achieving top-level academics for our children. Many of us move to Holmdel for the amazing school system. Our educational base is solid.

I am fortunate to be a product of the Holmdel School education system. I am grateful for how Holmdel prepared me for college and the real world, establishing values ​​of trust and leadership among many others. One of our main goals is to find ways to continue to support the STEM/STEAM-based curriculum. I’m proud to be one of the former Holmdel teachers who wrote a number of the original STEM programs. Our slate also focuses on the emotional side of finding solutions to address bullying and other social struggles encountered in the classroom and virtually.

In addition, we seek to be fiscally responsible to ensure that appropriate programs receive the necessary funding to move forward. An environment that creates opportunities for further education and encourages doing so in the healthiest way is paramount to First Slate Education.

Name what you consider to be the major issues currently facing your district and how you plan to address them. These can be local issues and/or statewide issues:

Restore Holmdel’s lost academic ranking. (That’s why my parents moved us here.):

  • Retain lost students in private schools. Holmdel made these students, let’s excite them with STEM and other programs to keep them. Connect with the real world and make content matter to make students want to learn more.
  • Find the right teachers who can make an impact and inspire children to be their best. Mr. Dooley inspired me to always do the job well. Let’s find our children their very own Mr. Dooley.
  • Better school ranking, higher land value… Kids or no kids in the school system, every taxpayer is happy (Not a solution, just really good for everyone.).

Catch up on learning/schooling lost due to the pandemic:

  • Provide workshops and support for teachers to gain the necessary experience and tools and bring them into their classroom.
  • Provide additional after-school programs or additional support opportunities for students who have fallen behind.

Mental health issues facing students in the school system:

  • Mental health type classes/gatherings, including but not limited to mentorship/Big Brother programs and mental health/suicide awareness.
  • Offer anti-bullying programs as well as self-defense/martial arts programs.
  • Get a window into the special needs class. In general, our special needs program requires extra attention and support.

What changes or improvements do you see for the district that could improve educational life and is there a way to achieve this? :

  • Restore Holmdel’s lost academic ranking.
  • Retain students and keep them in the Holmdel school system until high school.
  • Support and develop the Holmdel Robotics class and competition team.
  • Support and develop all engineering-related study programs.
  • Explore a martial arts/anti-bullying curriculum and programs.
  • Create internship/employment opportunities for students.
  • Find solutions to the high teacher turnover rate.
  • Restore Holmdel’s Cultural Clubs.

When we moved here 40 years ago, Mr. White ran the school. He was tough but fair, creating an environment that made children work hard to thrive. The biggest lesson we can teach our children is that hard work pays off in the real world, and that starts with creating such an atmosphere in our schools.

Candidates for the Holmdel Township School Board:

Full mandate – Vote for three

  • Deborah Wilson, School Community Advocate
  • Elisabeth Urbanski
  • Chris DiMare, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • Jeff D. Mann, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • John Buckley, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • Joanne Lam, Education First
  • Alicia Unusan, Education First
  • Mathew Weisfeld, Education First

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