Elementary school teacher shares “incredible” tip for opening apples without a knife: “It’s wild”


A teacher becomes mega-viral after sharing his tower to know how to split an apple with your hands.

The To hack, which many users have called “amazing”, comes from TIC Tac user @subienewbie. In her clip, the elementary school teacher shows how easy it is to “rip” an apple with your hands.

It’s just the last food hack to make waves TIC Tac. In the past, users have shared tips for build a spice rack with marbles, making pancakes with an electric drill and get corn on the cob with a cake tin.

The apple trick, however, does not require any supply. Instead, it all depends on where you place your hands.

After @ subienewbie’s first video using the Apple hack went viral in September, the teacher shared follow-up detailing its operation.

Another reason for @subienewbie’s second video? Drive out the skeptics. Many TikTokers, it seems, didn’t believe that it was actually possible to crack an apple with your hands.

But, as @subienewbie’s clip shows, he didn’t cut or mark any part of the apple ahead of time. In reality, the trick is in how you place your palms and thumbs around the apple, and how you transfer pressure when you open it.

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The strategy has actually been around for quite a long time. Online you can find lots of tutorials guide you through the trick.

It can be difficult to learn at first, but ultimately it works. This is clear from the countless TikTokers who have run away to @subienewbie’s comments section to share their success.

“I DID IT,” a user wrote.

“I’ve been doing this since college,” another added. “You can do it 100% and it’s easier with bigger apples. “

Others, meanwhile, just sat down and marveled at @subienewbie’s method.

“It’s wild,” a user commented.

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