EPFO Commissioner offers an interactive session to MIET School of Management students


EPFO Commissioner offers an interactive session to MIET School of Management students

Posted by RK News on Sunday, October 16, 2022

Jammu, October 15: MIET School of Management as part of the Impact Lecture Series hosted a guest lecture on “Motivation through Goal Setting” by Rizwan Uddin Regional Commissioner PF, Employees Provident Fund Organization, Ministry of Labor and of Employment, Government of India.

Rizwan has delivered numerous training sessions on goal setting and self-efficacy in major academic institutes and government departments and trained over 7000 participants including government officials, administration officials district and public representatives participated in these gatherings), sensitized the students to their personal development, in addition to awareness of health and environmental issues.

Rizwaan Uddin hosted an interactive session for students from MIET School of Management. During his address, Mr. Rizwan Uddin discussed goal setting and achieving the goal of success in life. He suggested that to achieve the goals, students should read books to expand their knowledge.

Also, he talked about famous personalities like Jack Ma and Masayoshi Son and the lessons learned from them. Adding to this, he said that “One must have a purpose in life. We must have the right attitude and share a quote that “Your Attitude decides your Altitude”. He further added that one must set the highest possible goal and work hard to achieve that goal.

He also encouraged students to choose the best field and follow their passion. He focused on setting SMART goals and also shared a mantra for success in life. He then deliberated on the issue of effective time management, doing consistent hard work and bringing quality to their words and thoughts.

He concluded the session by quoting: “Enjoy wherever you are because “Uncertainty is certain. It doesn’t matter if you have to travel on a bad road. Your next trip could be happy. The session was attended by Dr. Sahil Sawhney, Executive Director of the Strategic Initiative and faculty members from the School of Management. The formal expression of thanks was presented by Dr. Ankita Nanda, HOD, MBA and the session was coordinated by Dr. Parul Sharma.


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