Former Foreign Minister Milliband to address Donegal school



FORMER UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband is one of a number of public figures who will be delivering a keynote address at the Patrick MacGill School this month.

Mr Miliband, once considered a future Labor Prime Minister, will be joined by the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, former Republic Minister of Health, Mary Harney and others from the world of national and international affairs.

Based in Glenties in West Donegal, this year’s school will once again be virtual due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and will run from October 27-29.

As Foreign Minister from 2007 to 2010, Mr. Miliband was one of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s main allies and a leading figure in Britain’s New Labor movement.

Following Gordon Brown’s resignation as leader of the Labor Party in 2010, Mr Miliband unsuccessfully challenged the party’s leadership, losing to his brother, Ed, who led the opposition Labor Party.

He resigned his parliamentary seat in 2013 to become Chairman and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, a global non-governmental humanitarian aid organization.

Now in its 40th year, the MacGill School was established to perpetuate the memory of Glenties writer Patrick MacGill.

The author has written about social conditions in Donegal and the plight of migrant workers from the county to Britain as well as the First World War in which he fought as a British soldier.

Since 1981, the MacGill School has grown to become one of Ireland’s premier platforms for social and public policy discussion, attracting political, religious, business and social leaders of all traditions to the north and south of the country each year. frontier.

One feature of the school – which normally operates in the summer – is the open platforms it offers for anyone to join and engage with great public figures by asking questions and offering alternative perspectives.

Since 2001, the school has held an annual John Hume lecture in honor of the late Nobel laureate who died last year.

The lecture was delivered by former Taoisigh and other prominent figures including the late Father Alex Reid and former Police Ombudsman Dame Nuala O’Loan.

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