I am a teacher and here are the five comments that I am tired of hearing


Seen from the outside, working as a teacher seems to be the ideal job.

Cute children, long summer vacations and three breaks a day. What could be better?


Miss Sullivan, TikTok user, is a primary school teacher in ScotlandCredit: TikTok/@missksullivan
The social media star has revealed the most annoying comments she receives about her work


The social media star has revealed the most annoying comments she receives about her workCredit: TikTok/@missksullivan

Well, if you’ve ever worked in a school, you’ll know it’s do not easy work by any means – and it can be absolutely grueling at times.

As a primary school teacher herself, TikTok user Miss Sullivan is used to people being patronizing about her work.

Earlier this year, the Scottish teacher decided to share some of the most annoying comments she gets from people in her life – and it’s no wonder they piss her off.

In a viral video that racked up over 349,000 views, she wrote, “What it’s like to be an elementary school teacher.

For starters, Miss Sullivan said people always liked to comment on her working hours – even though teachers often stay at school long after the children have returned home.

One of the most common remarks Miss Sullivan faces is, “I’d like to work 9-3.”

And if that wasn’t insulting enough, others had the nerve to ask, “You don’t just babysit?”

‘You have so much free time’ is another rude remark Miss Sullivan says she receives – along with the age-old ‘those who can’t do, teach’.

Finally, the social media star says creepy guys often say to her, “I wish you were my teacher.”

Unsurprisingly, the video struck a chord with others working in education.

A fellow teacher replied, “Ugh the ‘I would have listened at school if you guys were my teacher.’

Another added: “The ‘those who can’t do, teach’ is such an outdated and ignorant concept!

“Thank you for inspiring and giving young people gifts.”

Meanwhile, a third rage: “People who call it babysitting are driving me crazy. I’m trying to teach them math and English while 5 of them can’t even hold a pencil properly!”

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Her video has racked up over 349,000 views


Her video has racked up over 349,000 viewsCredit: TikTok/@missksullivan

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