Islamic school teacher beaten and detained for punishing student in Abuja


A teacher at an Islamic school was beaten and detained by police for punishing a student in Abuja.

Daily trust learned that the teacher had punished a 12-year-old student during a class.

It was after the student reported the matter to his family that three of his siblings teamed up and whipped the teacher mercilessly.

The siblings almost ran over the teacher, who was leaving the school premises, with a car they were driving in and when he turned to voice their concerns, they rushed at him.

A teacher from the school told our correspondent that; “The student blocked the cane with her hands and refused to allow the teacher to punish her.

“After the student reported the matter to his family, his father went to school and engaged the teacher in a heated argument.

“The next day, three of his siblings, who were alumni of the school, arrived at the school and whipped the teacher mercilessly. “

An eyewitness, who spoke to Daily trust on a confidential basis, said the teacher, Sanusi, reported the case to area police, who asked him to return the next day.

“When the teacher and a friend of his returned to the police station the next day, they were arrested for allegedly breaking the student’s hand,” he said.

Daily trust found that the family had bandaged the student’s hand and lied to police that they suffered a simple fracture during the punishment.

A doctor at a hospital uncovered the plot, which led to the allegation being dismissed.

Contacted, the DPD of the Kubwa police station confirmed the report.

He said both sides had withdrawn the case.

Some people familiar with the matter who spoke said Daily trust said the teacher was almost transferred to police headquarters in Abuja from where he would be brought to justice.

They said it took the intervention of some community and religious leaders in the area to convince the police that the teacher was innocent.

An official from the Association of Islamiyya Schools in Kubwa said they had not yet decided whether the girl would be admitted to a school in Kuwa.

Iman condemns the act

In his Jumaat sermon last week, the chief imam of the Badr Mosque in Kuwba, Imam Khalid, condemned the act.

Sheikh Khalid warned parents against treating Islamiyya teachers with such sacrilege.

He said that no teacher deserved such mistreatment, let alone an Islamiyya school teacher.

Khalid said, “These people only get a monthly token from us, but give their lives to train our children.

“It’s sad that this is how some of us decide to pay them back.

“Whoever wants his ward to be blessed by Allah Almighty will never raise his voice against an Islamiyya school teacher, much less send his children to beat him. “

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