Janakrosh opens a traffic school, to teach young people traffic rules on Saturdays


MPP Sameer Meghe addressing the audience. Radhakrishnan B, Babulal Sonkar and Dr Anil Laddad watch. (Photo: Anil Futane)

Staff reporter:

Janakrosh, a social organization, works to create awareness about trafficking. In addition to campaigning once a week in town squares, the organization also organizes sessions in schools. Spreading its wings, the organization has set up a traffic school at Traffic Park, Dharampeth, where it will teach traffic rules to young people attending college every Saturday. Janakrosh partnered with Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management (RCOEM), YCCE, GHRCE, Government Polytechnic for the project. Colleges like Jhulelal Group of Institutions, Cummins College of Engineering also approached Janakrosh for the MoU. “College freshmen will attend the Group of 50 sessions at Traffic Park where Dnyanesh Pahune and Ramesh Shaare, the Janakrosh coordinators, will train them.

This training is absolutely free,” Ravindra Kaskhedikar, Janakrosh secretary told “The Hitavada.” Janakrosh Traffic School will educate young people about accident prevention. Radhakrishnan B, City Commissioner, rightly pointed out in his speech at the inauguration of the traffic school that the most important factor in accident prevention is public awareness. “The school will have simulators like two-wheelers. In addition to the initial theoretical course, students will receive practical training on simulators. People from car manufacturers will explain intricate details about two-wheelers to you. Students will learn how the accident happens, how vehicles skid, what speed is safest, etc. “, explained Dnyanesh Pahune. According to a survey by a road accident agency, eight out of 10 accidents are preventable. These have taken place due to not wearing a helmet or skipping traffic lights etc. “We call our project a proactive step. Our goal is to make young people aware of traffic rules. We have drawn a great plan for the same. We hope that by attending our sessions, young people will inculcate the habit of safe driving,” said Dnyanesh Pahune. “Initially, we will cover students in three different sessions each day. We chose students because they belong to the age groups of permit holders,” Pahune said.

There are four aspects of the circulation system. One is engineering, which is taken care of by construction agencies like Department of Public Works, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) or others. Second, law enforcement is done by the RTO or traffic police. The third aspect is education and the fourth concerns emergency care. Janakrosh focused on education. Appreciating the initiative, Sameer Meghe said, “After spending several years in the field, Janakrosh has developed an idea of ​​what should be done to prevent accidents. The traffic school is one of these stages. This will go a long way in raising awareness, as these young people will become accustomed to following the rules. Radhakrishnan B called Janakrosh members self-motivated.

“They are all retirees. After working in their respective offices, these people took the initiative and without anyone’s help, Janakrosh selflessly conducts trafficking awareness activity. Whatever help they need from NMC, we will provide them,” assured Radhakrishnan B. Babulal Sonkar, Deputy Managing Director of National Insurance Company, who also spoke on the occasion. Sanjay Dabli delivered an introductory speech. Dattatray Kulkarni conducted the proceedings. Dr Anil Laddad, President of Janakrosh offered a vote of thanks.


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