Julie Hoover, former Christian teacher arrested for months of twerking after sexting scandal


Julie Hoover, a former teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Florida, was charged with inappropriate behavior for the second time when she was arrested for twerking a male student at a prom in high school.

Hoover was previously arrested in June for “teacher engaging in sex” with an 18-year-old student after exchanging explicit messages.

The most recent accusation came to light when another student accused Hoover of lewd conduct at a high school prom in April, when she allegedly “twerked and pressured him to he has alcohol”.

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The student also said he became uncomfortable as soon as Hoover started displaying inappropriate behavior. According to WCTV, other students tried to arrest Hoover.

For those who don’t know, twerking refers to a “sexually suggestive dance characterized by rapid, repeated hip thrusts and twitching of the buttocks especially in a squatting position”, as Merriam-Webster defines it.

Ex-teacher Julie Hoover inappropriately twerked at high school student at prom

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According to court documents via the New York Postthe complainant’s mother had also reported that Hoover arranged for the student to visit while her husband was at work.

It’s unclear if the student who exchanged explicit messages with Julie Hoover in June is the same student who accused her of twerking.

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According to Law and Crime, the court affidavit states:

“Talking to [the victim] he indicated that at the prom on April 8, 2022, Julie Hoover put an alcoholic beverage in his mouth (straw) and urged him to drink alcohol. [The victim] said it happened several times during the evening and that at the time of the incident he was 17 years old. [The victim] reported that during prom, whenever he stepped onto or even near the dance floor, Julie Hoover would come to the area where he was dancing and start to ‘Twerk’ [sic] on him by rubbing his behind on him.

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The documents further revealed how the complainant told Hoover that her behavior made him “uncomfortable”. He also revealed that many witnesses saw Julie Hoover’s behavior that night.

“[The victim] told her that it made him uncomfortable and that he left the dance floor every time she did that. [The victim] said several people had witnessed Julie Hoovers’ behavior as well as her attempts to give her alcoholic beverages. [The victim] sworn on his statements.”

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More information about the case

Brian Cruse, the sheriff’s office investigator, spoke to three witnesses who were present at the school premises that evening.

First witness, school administrator Randy Maubach noted that the alcohol had “not been taken out before prom”. Randy allegedly advised teachers to pour the alcohol into cups after the students left.

Allison Towles, the second witness, reportedly informed authorities of Hoover’s inappropriate behavior. The court documents stated:

“[Towles] also saw Mrs. Hoover dance to [the victim] and rubbing their buttocks [the victim’s] front area of ​​the pants from her crotch… She said she got between them several times [sic] trying to get Mrs. Hoover arrested.

How did Mrs. Hoover get into the building if she was a former teacher? 2go in btw so Julie would leave him? twitter.com/lawcrimenews/s… https://t.co/WqS71ZR2OF

Eli Dorman, the third witness, told authorities that she saw Hoover try to get the victim to drink alcohol through a straw. The documents noted:

“He said Julie was ‘Twerking’ on [the victim] several times and [the victim] tried to pull away from her every time she did that.”

A school official from Point Grace School mentioned that Julie Hoover was no longer with the school.

No news on the date of the trial has been reported so far.

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