Karnataka School Education Will Undergo Major Changes, Children Will Experience Ahom-Karkota Dynasty


Bengaluru: A review committee set up by the government of Karnataka to study controversial references in textbooks recommended keeping a chapter on Tipu Sultan, but said it would remove its glorified part. The committee recommended the inclusion of the Wadiyar royal family of Mysore, Venkatappa Nayak of the Surpur dynasty and other rulers in the textbooks. On the other hand, BJP MP MLA Renukacharya demanded the closure of madrasas in the state, saying that anti-national activities are encouraged there.

The Textbook Review Committee headed by Rohit Chakrathirtha, in its report to the state government, pointed out that the 18th century ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, is referred to as the Lion of Mysore. Chakratirtha says no one knows who gave Tipu Sultan this title and in what context. Several Hindu organisations, including BJP MP Apachu Ranjan, had raised objections to Tipu Sultan. They said he was a staunch Islamic sultan who slaughtered and converted a large number of Hindus. It was needlessly glorified in school lessons. After that, the government set up this committee.

The committee recommended the inclusion of the Wadiyar dynasty, the Ahom dynasty, which ruled for 600 years in the North East and the Karkota dynasty, which ruled Kashmir for 300 years, in the program. Along with this, the report also states that the singular was used in Maharishi Valmiki’s lectures which is pejorative. In this regard, BJP Basanagouda MP Patil Yatnal has called for the complete withdrawal of Muslim leaders including Tipu Sultan, Aurangzeb and other Muslim leaders on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from classes.

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