Letter from President Xi delivered to China Corner of Malta School


VALLETTA – Teachers and students at St. Margaret College Secondary School in Cospicua said they are determined to nurture and continue the great friendship between Malta and China.

They expressed the hope as Chinese Ambassador to Malta Yu Dunhai on Thursday officially delivered a letter from President Xi Jinping in response to teachers and students at the school’s China Corner.

In the letter, Xi encouraged more young Maltese people to actively participate in people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Xi wished China Corner even greater success in the future and welcomed faculty members and students to China for exchanges and studies.

The China Corner was founded in 2010 by Martin Azzopardi, a science teacher at the school, with the aim of bringing “China” into his classroom after his first visit to the country. The Maltese government, the Chinese Embassy in Malta and the China Cultural Center in Malta gave him a lot of support.

“I am very grateful. I cannot believe that the Chinese President found the time to read my letter and kindly responded to it personally. It once again demonstrates the kindness and humility of the Chinese people. I will cherish this letter all throughout my life,” Azzopardi said.

In July, Azzopardi and his students wrote a letter to the Chinese president, expressing their best wishes for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malta and China. The letter detailed the colorful activities carried out by the China Corner, as well as efforts to promote multicultural understanding and strengthen Malta-China friendship.

Malta’s Minister for Education, Clifton Grima, said at the handover ceremony that the Chinese President places great value on the work of the China Corner, as education indeed serves as a gateway to learning about other cultures. countries and also as a bridge for cultural exchanges between countries.

Welcoming the achievements of Malta-China collaboration over the past 50 years since the establishment of their diplomatic relations, the Minister encouraged China Corner to work even harder in the future to make more contribution to the bilateral friendship. .

Aimee Bugeja, a 15-year-old student, was among those who wrote the letter to Xi. “Having a China Corner in our school is an opportunity for students to learn about another culture and helps us understand the beauty of China,” she said, saying it was also an opportunity to learning to “build bridges not walls” between different countries. and cultural.

The China Corner, very popular with students of St. Margaret College Secondary School, offers them lectures and various activities on traditional Chinese culture and technologies such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, traditional Chinese medicine, ceramics Chinese, silk weaving, among others.

Joseph Ellul, principal of the school, said China Corner has brought students closer to the beautiful and rich Chinese culture.

The China Corner and the school’s Chinese language program “will continue to promote Chinese culture among our students and consolidate the friendship and understanding between the peoples of Malta and China, a relationship that has continued to grow. grow stronger over the past 50 years”. he said.

Xi’s response letter praised the active role China Corner has played in enhancing Maltese youth’s understanding of China and enhancing the friendship between the two countries, said Ambassador Yu. China, during the ceremony.

He expressed hope that teachers and students will fulfill Xi’s wish and continue to serve as a bridge of cultural exchange between the two countries.

The embassy is ready to offer any assistance to China Corner, especially for Chinese language teaching, he added.

Thursday’s ceremony was “an encouraging moment for me and my students to continue,” Azzopardi told Xinhua. “I hope students can inherit the friendship between Malta and China and continue to carry it forward. The China Corner is a way to strengthen the friendship between the two countries.”

Ellul said he hopes his school’s teachers and students will have the opportunity to go to China to study and visit in the future.

“China is a country we want to stay friends with and build more projects together in the future,” he said.


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