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I am writing to you as a concerned parent. My 11 year old daughter is attending a local college. She is in sixth grade and loves school. She loves to read and has always done well in school. Until this week, she came home so excited to tell me about her day. But this week, she came home discouraged and ashamed.

My daughter is very modest and doesn’t like to show a lot of skin, but despite this, she and the entire female student body were taken out of the class to attend an assembly where these young girls were lectured on the code. clothing. This conference left the girls ashamed and threatened. They were told that their body was considered a distraction and that they were “pushing” it, so from now on they would be suspended for entering / leaving school if caught red-handed. They were also told that certain types of clothing (eg leggings) left nothing to be desired and that they should want to “save this for the wedding”.

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Notice, these girls are between 11 and 14 years old. I also don’t care if they’re 18. By allowing this, the school is sending a message that girls are responsible for a boy’s behavior and we are encouraging the ‘she asked’ state of mind. These girls were also reprimanded for denouncing the sexist nature of this assembly. They were fired when they asked questions to clarify the rules, and were told it wouldn’t matter if they told their parents because it’s not up to the parents and their parents can’t. do nothing to help them. I refuse to accept this treatment for our daughters. Right now, these girls get up in the morning to get dressed and feel stressed about being seen in violation, or feel pressured to give up their right to speak out. to prevent their studies from being interrupted.



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