Making sex education compulsory in school curricula – Don University to policy makers


Adolescent and reproductive health counseling expert Dr Olufunmilayo Osakinle urged Nigerian policymakers to make sex education compulsory in schools following the increase in teenage pregnancies and rape of girls.

Osakinle said exposing children to in-depth knowledge from the cradle of education would help them escape cases of sexual assault that might happen to them as a teenager.

The professor told Ado Ekiti on Tuesday while delivering the 60th inaugural lecture titled: Girls: Directions for a Better Future, ”at Ekiti State University, EKSU.

Don University said that to save Nigeria’s future, the legislature must enact a bill that would make sex education compulsory, saying the country cannot sit back and allow children to be tainted by sexual exploitation.

“Apart from this bill which will be promulgated, teachers should objectively transmit to children sexual knowledge, devoid of any religious or cultural coloring and of harassment towards children.

“In addition, to fill the gaps of parents without education, who are reluctant to give sex education to their daughters, there should be an offer of daycare centers and parenting centers for these parents,” she said.

Osakinle surveyed the organization of regular seminars, workshops and conferences to keep girls informed about their sexuality, so they can cope with any hostile environment.

The professor added that while the government is busy finding ways to address the issues of teenage pregnancy, rape and defilement, parents should also play their part in asking their daughters questions related to sex.

Meanwhile, EKSU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Eddy Olanipekun has indicated that it is worth investing in parents’ education, saying it remains one of the best ways to protect the girl. integrity of any nation.

“This conference was well documented and relates to what is happening in our environment right now,” Olanipekun said.

“Let me also tell my fellow professors that we are in the age of technology, some of you can give your inaugural lectures online, given the current coronavirus pandemic, this is now allowed as the research can help solve some of our national and local problems ”.

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