Mumbai: School education department chronological circular leaves much confusion


A CIRCULAR from the Department of School Education giving the timetable for the current school year has caused confusion among schools. Many schools are calling for the circular to be withdrawn because it contradicts the timeline they have set, based on reopening orders issued in the past.

The March 24 circular asks schools to start classes offline, including Saturdays, to ensure completion of the curriculum. It also suggests that the final exams for classes 1 to 9 and 11 take place the last week of April to declare the results in May. However, according to the schools, offline operations at full capacity have begun in accordance with orders from local civic bodies. The exams were also scheduled accordingly, after the board exams. “It’s weird because there was no need for such a circular. Schools have already designed timetables in line with the reopening order,” said a Mumbai teacher, adding that in most schools, final exams for all classes are scheduled after the state board exam.

Teachers also mentioned how the circular reduces vacation days as May is generally considered summer vacation until schools resume the second week of June for the next school year.

“State board exams are due to end on April 7. Accordingly, the final exam for all other classes is scheduled after that. In the case of primary classes, exams have already started in some schools while others are due to start exams in the coming week,” said another teacher, adding that in most schools the timetables are ready for the final exams along with the statement of result based on which. the parents have also planned a vacation.

“Following the new circular means hampering school timetables,” said Mahendra Ganpule, spokeswoman for the state principals’ association. Schools operated offline at full capacity this month.


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