National Education Emergency Coalition urges government to reopen schools in Bangalore – The New Indian Express


Through Express press service

BENGALURU: The National Coalition for Emergency Education (NCEE) has urged authorities to reopen schools in Bengaluru immediately after the Karnataka government lifted the weekend curfew, which was imposed in due to an increase in COVID-19 cases.

“Schools in Bengaluru remain closed while shopping malls, theatres, pubs and restaurants have remained open. The closure of schools has catastrophic consequences on the academic, emotional, nutritional, social and economic fronts of children. impact is greatest for young children, in terms of malnutrition, child abuse, child labor and school dropout,” the coalition said.

NCEE is a group of individuals, organizations and networks across the country who have come together to “recover and renew” school education.

“Evidence suggests that young children are the least vulnerable to COVID. They are more often asymptomatic or have mild nonspecific symptoms, and deaths are negligible. Transmission of the virus to schools from children or teachers may be controlled by taking public health precautions and isolating and treating cases of infection among students and teachers When this is done for grades 10-12, why can’t the same be ensured for children in grades 1-9?” questioned the NCEE.

“Cases may be higher in certain areas. Closing schools in the remaining areas does not make sense. Therefore, a bundled approach to closing schools where cases are higher is more scientific. The BBMP and local communities must be empowered to make decentralized decisions,” the collective said.

NCEE further observed that across the world, schools have mostly remained open and, in some countries, even during the pandemic.

“In India too, most governments have kept schools open during the current third wave. Evidence from South Africa and Europe confirms that there is no indication that the third wave is targeting children. The head of the Indian Council of Medical Research also highlighted this earlier,” the collective added.

NCEE had previously shared school opening guidelines and a research brief with the Department of Education, and is ready to provide support in terms of appropriate curricular resources to meet the social-emotional learning needs of all the children.


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