New images reveal what Lancaster University’s mathematics school in Preston will look like


An image of the appearance of the Lancaster University School of Mathematics.

Architects’ visuals reveal the exterior appearance of the £ 8.5million Lancaster University School of Mathematics (LUSoM), which will be built on London Road, close to Preston city center and Cardinal Newman’s main campus Middle School.

The school’s trust, the Rigby Education Trust, recently obtained planning permission for the new building from the Preston City Council Planning Committee.

Full funding has been confirmed and work has started to prepare the site, which is the former location of Barry House, a former office building for the Department of Works and Pensions.

An image of the appearance of the main entrance to the Lancaster University School of Mathematics.

The exterior materials of the LUSoM building will be a mix of brown and black bricks, glass and a distinctive bronze metallic cladding.

This unique look will make the building iconic for the area and a landmark for those traveling to downtown Preston.

The school will have a total height of four stories, with the fourth floor set back from London Road, creating a rooftop terrace area for students to relax and study while viewing the Preston cityscape.

The interior of the school will be bright and welcoming with a three-story atrium providing open learning for students and a welcoming environment for all visitors.

A specially designed 400-seat retractable auditorium has been included in the building to accommodate conference-style sessions in addition to other events and masterclasses.

Offering exceptional A-level math education to the most gifted students of Lancashire and the North West, Lancaster University School of Mathematics will open for its first cohort in September 2022.

The school began accepting applications from Grade 11 students to apply for Grade 12 from September 2022 and applications can be made from the website. here.

Anyone interested in learning more about life at LUSoM, including the facilities and the program, is invited to attend a virtual launch event tomorrow, Wednesday, September 29, and can express their interest. here.

Several initiation days, conferences and review sessions will also be organized throughout this fall.

More details on the application process, as well as events and activities, are available on the school’s website. here.

The Lancaster University School of Mathematics, which will recruit up to 130 students each year, is a collaboration between two outstanding educational institutions, Lancaster University, which is consistently ranked among the best in the UK and among the top 20 in the rankings Nationals, and Cardinal Newman. College, one of the top performing sixth-year colleges nationwide, based on progress from A level.

Providing a modern and safe, inclusive and inspiring learning environment, and informed by a particularly broad, rich, stimulating and extensible curriculum, the school will attract students from all walks of life, helping to elevate aspirations across Preston and the region at large, unleash potential and propel young people on their path to successful careers.

It will also allow the most gifted students in mathematics in Lancashire and the neighboring regions of the north-west to access the best support to apply to the most selective universities.

Strong links will be forged with already operating math schools in Liverpool, Exeter and Kings College London, sharing knowledge and working to encourage math across the UK.

School Systems Minister Baroness Barran said: “The Lancaster University School of Mathematics will bring a transformational approach to mathematics education in Preston and Lancashire.

“Students will be able to gain a deep and broad understanding across the field of mathematics, from cutting edge modeling to the fundamentals of game theory and more.

“We remain committed to providing this same set of opportunities to young people across the country through our establishment of math schools in every region by 2023, enriching the experience of students in the subject and preparing them to continue their studies. and a successful career. “

Professor Simon Guy, pro-vice-chancellor at Lancaster University, said: First striking images of the school’s appearance.

“The school will become a tremendous asset for the region, as well as for the region as a whole. The world-class education that the school will provide will enable our best math-gifted young people to realize their potential and give them a good start as they move into college and begin their careers.

Cardinal Newman Director Nick Burnham said: “We are delighted to have received the building permit to build the Lancaster University School of Mathematics and are truly grateful for the continued support of Preston City Council. and the planning committee.

“This is a very important step in enabling us to open an inspiring specialist math school for Lancashire students. This world-class educational environment will open its doors in September 2022 and will be a significant addition to the already exceptional educational offer after 16 years in our region. “

The Rigby Educational Trust appointed Pozzoni Architecture as the school architects and Galliford Try as the design and build contractor.

Catherine Mulley, director of Pozzoni Architecture and head of the firm’s educational team, said: “The country’s brightest young mathematicians need environments that are conducive to a very unique learning style. As such, we have designed the Lancaster University School of Mathematics around a separate three-story atrium that will serve as a gateway to an exceptional math community.

“We describe the welcoming and spacious form of the atrium as a vertical ‘learning axis’, as its expansive glazing and connectivity to various learning spaces will encourage students to flourish.

“It will provide a vital link between the auditorium and the main teaching wing, while serving as a space in its own right for the promotion of social interaction and open learning. “

The establishment of the Lancaster University School of Mathematics is a direct response to a government call for the UK’s top universities to take a leading role in creating new schools of mathematics – helping meet the demand for math skills in the workforce.

The government has pledged to provide additional funding of £ 350,000 each year for new math schools supported by the UK’s most selective math universities.

Students attending the School of Mathematics will study A-Level Mathematics and other Mathematics as part of a comprehensive curriculum that includes options such as Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science, as well as a wide range of subject options at Cardinal Newman College.


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