Nigerian Navy Islamic School Wins Ojora Quran Reading Competition


Ibrahim Ismail of the Nigerian Navy Apapa Islamic School emerged as the winner of the 2022 edition of the annual Ojora Qur’an reading competition on Friday.

Yusuf Kamaldeen from Arisallah Academy, Ketu came second while Muhammad Idris from Subhana College, Ijora came third in the competition held at the palace of the organizer, Oba Abdul Fatai Aromire, the Ojora of the Kingdom Ojora from Lagos State.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the contest also included a lecture on Ramadan and the distribution of support items to the people of Ijora.

Ismail, in his address, thanked the royal father for the opportunity given to the young people to showcase their Quranic knowledge.

“I am very happy with this annual competition and thank the Oba Ojora for giving us young people the opportunity to showcase our knowledge of the Quran,” he said.

Also speaking, Kamaludeen, appreciated the organizer of the competition, thanking him for the generous prizes given to the winners and other participants.

He said the prizes, along with items given to residents for Ramadan, were worth millions of naira.

“I’m so happy to be one of the winners of this year’s competition and hope to participate and win more in the next edition,” he said.

Aromire, in his remarks, thanked Almighty Allah for giving him the opportunity to organize the contest and support the residents every year.

“This is not the first time that we have organized this Conference among Quranic schools inside and outside this Ijora community, we have been doing it for decades.

“We also distributed items to residents for the month of Ramadan, as planned for Quran believers, to share gifts with the people, the elderly, the vulnerable and the needy among us.

“We will maintain it, we will continue to do so inchallah,” Aromire said.

Sheikh Suleiman Onikijipa, Grand Mufty of Ilorin, who delivered the Ramadan lecture, urged the people of Ijora to live in unity to support the progress of the community.

According to him, God truly cherishes unity among his people and that success and progress will always remain in any country, community or region that values ​​unity.

“Islam does not mess with unity, there should be no tribalism, ethnicity and favoritism within our communities, for us to have progress.

“We should all go back to the beginning and live in peace with each other in our communities, our cities and our country and work together for progress.

“In Islam, everyone comes together during prayers at the mosque. You shoulder shoulders with the other person, regardless of your status.

“Whether you are the president or the governor of a state, someone has to stand by you while observing your prayers. This is the sign of unity that God requires of us,” he said.

The Islamic cleric also urged Muslims to always share gifts with the needy and less privileged in their various communities as prescribed by Islam.

NAN reports that winners of the competition received cash and electronic gadgets, while hundreds of Ijora residents received food items and other gifts during the program. (NOPE)

Source credit: NAN

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