NIU today | Science photographer Michael Peres to speak at the School of Art and Design


Michael Peres ConferenceMichael Peres, an award-winning photo educator, author and science photographer from the School of Photographic Art and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology will present at the NIU School of Art and Design on Thursday, October 7, the theme “Pictures in Pictures”.

The presentation is in conjunction with the exhibition “IMAGES of SCIENCE 3” open until November 17th in the Jack Olson Gallery in NIU’s Jack Arends Hall, the visual arts building on the main campus.

Peres has been dedicated to exploring the field of biomedical photography and imaging and inspiring generations of curious students, many of whom have gone on to become scientists, teachers, physicians, and leaders in their chosen fields.

Scientific images are created to display reasonableness and reveal empirical information from subjects that are often not visible. when scientific images are seen outside the discipline from which they were created, they often take on another dimension and can be fascinating for different reasons. This talk will explore the duality of images that present science and how these images can become beautiful or even inspiring images by looking at invisible and invisible worlds using a different point of view.

The conference will take place at 5 p.m. in room AB 102 at Jack Arends Hall. It will also be broadcast live on Zoom. Meeting ID: 842 7745 9237, Access Code: 88000,

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