No truth about reports of COVID infections in schools: Minister of Education


“I’m checking social media,” she told Shilpakala Academy on Saturday, two weeks after schools reopened after a one-and-a-half-year closure due to the pandemic.

“They regularly send me reports of infections in such and such a school. We made immediate inquiries into every reported school. But we haven’t found any of them to be true yet, ”said Dipu Moni.

Media reported on Wednesday that a student from Manikganj had died after contracting the coronavirus. The student last attended school on September 15. They had no health problems at the time.

There have also been reports of students and teachers at various educational institutions across the country having contracted the coronavirus.

“We are monitoring the situation,” said the Minister of Education. “So far we have heard reports of infections in some elementary schools. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is responsible for this and takes the necessary measures. “

Regarding the death of the high school student from Manikganj, she said: “The student only went to school once – September 15. About seven days later, they were diagnosed. of coronavirus and died. “

“We spoke to the civilian surgeon and they said, since they only went to school once and had no symptoms at the time, there is no need to test everyone.”

“As soon as we receive reports, we contact the local government, the office of the civil surgeon and all others involved and take the necessary measures with the support of the General Directorate of Health Services. “

Dipu Moni says she will not hesitate to close schools again if the situation deteriorates.

“As I said before, schools will be closed if necessary if there are concerns about a possible outbreak. We will not hesitate. So far, we have not seen such a situation develop anywhere. But we will take action if it does.

The minister, who has a background in public health, urged everyone to remain vigilant.

“Although the infection rate has dropped to around 5% here, the pandemic continues around the world. We must therefore remain vigilant and vigilant. Anyone can get sick, at home or away from home. They can even cause epidemics in educational institutions. We have to work so that this is not the case. “

The SSC exams will take place in mid-November and the HSC exams in early December, she said.

The government has no immediate plan to send preschool children to school.

When asked if they could be required to attend classes one day a week, Dipu Moni replied, “No, absolutely not. Not for the moment. Let them stay at home for now. We will make a decision in the future. Let three weeks pass and we can review the situation.


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