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When it comes to exams, getting good grades is on the mind of every student.

TikTok user thatearl is no different and has decided to ask his teacher for the marks of the midterm exams.

The response he received was rather unconventional, to the point that he recorded and uploaded it to TikTok on Thursday, August 5th.


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The video, which shows a piping and instrumentation diagram from his lecture notes, has since garnered more than 30,000 views and 80 comments.

Its lecturer – identified as Dr Zhou Wei of Singapore Polytechnic of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering – said it didn’t matter how he tested his students.

He added: “If you don’t understand, even if I ask you the same question, you [will] die again. You will not die here, you will die later somewhere. Do you understand guys?

From the TikTok video, captioned “Best Speaker Award Goes To,” it’s clear that the TikTok user appreciated the wise words his speaker had for him and his classmates.

The lecturer continued and said he wanted his students “to come true. [on] learn but you guys [are] more concerned about brands “.


In the comments section, some, who were taught by this educator, said that he was one of the top lecturers at Singapore Polytechnic.

While playing the video, the lecturer continued with his mini-speech:

” I’m a doctor [holder], I get a doctoral degree. My grades are almost perfect from elementary school to college, so what? Will it come out when I go to work?

He was keen to instill a sense of learning in his students and that grades wouldn’t matter as much in the workplace.

In the 43-second clip, the speaker managed to incorporate another inspirational quote: “If you get it right [being taught to you, the] brands will follow you. No need to worry about that guys. “

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