pradhan: Education for special children remains a challenge : Pradhan | Bhubaneswar News

Bhubaneswar: Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday that it was difficult for the government to include children with special needs in mainstream education.
Pradhan made the remark in Parliament while responding to a question posed by MP Aparajita Sarangi on the education of these children and on special educators.
“Great importance is given to inclusive education and the education of children with special needs in the national education policy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have done our best to provide virtual education for children. But how education will reach children with special needs is a new challenge. Experts are working on it. I seek suggestions from all to prepare a strategy to ensure the education of these children who represent about 10% of the child population,” Pradhan added.
Sarangi said that in India only 0.5% to 0.6% of children with disabilities have been mainstreamed into the school system.
“Is there a roadmap or action plan from the Center to identify and bring all children with special needs into the fold of school education? asked the deputy.
She added: “In order to address the issues of learning disabilities in special children, we need to have a large number of special educators across the country. Unfortunately, the Rehabilitation Council of India has recognized very few institutes to provide special education training and build a large pool of special educators.
“Although a number of policies and programs are formulated for children and adults with special abilities, due to a lack of proper implementation, their benefits do not reach the needy. The government must ensure that the policies reach the beneficiaries,” said disability rights activist Sruti Mohapatra.

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