Renowned philosophers Judith Butler and Cornel West named 2021-2022 Presidential Visiting Scholars of the New School



Renowned philosophers Judith Butler and Cornel West named 2021-2022 Presidential Visiting Scholars of the New School

Scholarly explorations that span disciplines and challenge conventional thinking are hallmarks of The New School and reflect its commitment to inclusion and excellence. To enhance this intellectual discourse, the university has launched the Presidential Visiting Scholars Program, which will bring high-level thinkers to the university by special invitation to join the New School faculty for a short period.

In the inaugural year, the program brings two of the most important American philosophers of our time, Judith Butler and Cornel West, to the university. They will join the faculty of The New School of Social Research and lead seminars, conferences and discussions. Butler, known internationally for his work on gender theory, will lead an intensive graduate seminar, Contemporary Feminist Philosophy, during the fall semester of 2021. West will join the school in the spring, offering a lecture open to the public and two conferences open to members of the New School community. He will also meet with master’s and doctoral students in philosophy for an open discussion.

“We are honored to launch this important program with visionary scholars Judith Butler and Cornel West, who are renowned for constantly challenging the status quo, making them ideal selections as the New School’s first Presidential Visiting Scholars.” , said Dr Dwight A McBride, president of The New School, in a statement. “This new way of bringing exceptional academics to our campus will enrich the intellectual opportunities for our students, who will be able to engage with some of the world’s most inspiring, provocative and revolutionary thinkers.”

The Presidential Visiting Scholars program builds on an important aspect of New School history – bringing to campus outstanding academics, artists and activists known for their daring research, educational innovations, and groundbreaking ideas for their work. engage with faculty and students at the university. Butler is well known for his theories of the performative nature of gender and sex, and his work has had great influence in the fields of critical theory, studies of gender and sexuality, social and political thought, and Literature. West strives to keep Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy alive – a legacy of speaking the truth and bearing witness to the importance of love and justice – through his passion and willingness to connect with a wide variety of audiences.

Both are prolific writers who have shared their thoughts, ideas, and research in dozens of books. Butler is the author of a number of well-known works, including Subjects of desire: Hegelian reflections in 20th century France, Gender disorder: feminism and subversion of identity, Bodies that count: on the discursive limits of “sex”, Antigone’s Affirmation: The kinship between life and dead, and, more recently, The power of non-violence: an ethico-political link. West has written 20 books and edited 13 and is best known for the classics The race counts and Democracy matters and his memories, Brother West: Live and Love Aloud.

“Judith Butler and Cornel West are important and daring philosophical thinkers on issues of gender, race and social change, and we are very honored to welcome them to the New School for Social Research,” said Will Milberg, Dean and professor of economics at NSSR, in a press release. “Their appointments as the first Presidential Visiting Scholars continue a rich tradition of welcoming renowned intellectuals – from Eric Hobsbawm to Jacques Derrida to the bells – at our university. I hope our visiting Presidential Fellows enjoy being a part of our intellectual community, and I encourage the faculty and students of the new school to take advantage of the opportunities to engage with them.



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