Revision of school curricula: the Ministry of Education launches an online public consultation survey


The Ministry of Education has launched an online public inquiry to broaden the scope of consultations relating to the ongoing work of revising the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), on the basis of which new textbooks will be prepared, according to an official statement. .

On Sunday, the ministry announced that anyone wishing to provide input into the NCF review can do so through the portal.

“All stakeholders, including teachers, principals, school leaders, educators, parents, students, community members, NGOs, experts, public representatives, artists, craftsmen, farmers and anyone interested in school education and teacher training are invited to take part in this online survey conducted in 23 languages, including the languages ​​listed in the VIIIth Schedule of our Constitution”, said he said in a statement.

The survey involves a participant answering 10 MCQs on questions such as “the best ways to ensure that classroom learning is made more enjoyable” to “main issues regarding curriculum content in textbooks that a new program framework must solve”.

As part of the survey, participants can also submit a short article on ways to make “school education more relevant, effective and meaningful for learners”. The announcement comes days after The Indian Express reported that at least 17 of the 25 expert groups formed for the NCF review have members with RSS links.


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