Room for investment in Nagaland’s education sector


Kohima: In an effort to make room for investment in Nagaland’s education sector, the first-ever Edu-Connect Conclave, an educational conclave, hosted by the Nagaland Investment and Development Authority (IDAN) and the North Eastern Council of Education (NEEC), kicked off at the Capital Convention Center in Kohima on Tuesday.

With hundreds of students in attendance, the two-day event began with a formal ceremony honored by School Education and SCERT Advisor KT Sukhalu as Principal Patron, and Technical Education and Elections Advisor Medo Yhokha as keynote speaker.

Speaking on the theme “Investment in Education Sector in Nagaland”, Professor KRS Sambasiva Rao, Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University, suggested that to facilitate investment in the education sector of Nagaland, the state may need to consider certain tax-free benefits for investors, at least for the initial 5-10 year period.

Professor Rao also suggested that investments under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model can be tracked to develop the education sector globally. He said Nagaland has the potential to attract foreign investment which will also pave the way for quality education.

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While he challenged the state government to consider the sustainability of investments in the education sector, he also recommended that a benchmark be set while making investments to ensure quality education. quality.

Regarding the country’s higher education system, he expressed concern that the current university paradigm, centered on faculty and supported by a monopoly, is not adapted to the intensely competitive and technology-driven global market. .

Lack of awareness should not lead to loss of opportunities

School education and SCERT counselor KT Sukhalu, while addressing students at the education fair, said lack of awareness should not lead to loss of opportunities for students.

“It is important that appropriate information, knowledge about educational institutions of choice and personalized access to information to a wide range of educational institutions across India in a single platform to explore and exercise options are made available to our students,” he said.

Although he said that young Naga are talented, the legislator is of the opinion that many young people are unable to find out what they can do. In this regard, he said it was necessary to realize the strength of youth.

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He commended IDAN and NEEC for the collaborative effort to facilitate the educational interface between students in the state and educational institutions across the country.

As he hopes the event will be a springboard for potential investments in the state, especially in the education sector, he said such investment will bring quality education benefiting both students and investors.

Absence of industries causing unemployment

Advisor for Technical Education and Elections, Medo Yhokha, said that in the absence of large or medium industries, a sector which absorbs a large sector of labor and employment, Nagaland has a very high percentage of educated unemployed youth – the second highest (25%) in the country after Lakshadweep (31.6%).

He said the purpose of the Edu Connect Conclave is to provide a platform and a rope for investors/companies willing to invest in the education sector of the state. The adviser added that the state government is committed to providing them with all possible assistance. He promoted the establishment of educational institutions as a huge opportunity which he said will be a win-win situation for the investor and the state.

Highlighting the political issue of Naga, he said that the constant state of being overwhelmed by peoples’ struggles and turmoil has shaken up a bad state of affairs, for which new efforts are needed for a resource-building society.

He hopes Conclave Edu Connect will provide a platform and a rope for investors willing to invest in the state’s education sector. He also assured of the commitment of the state government to be a lead partner in facilitating potential investments.

A change in the educational process

Sharing the idea behind the event, IDAN CEO Alemtemshi Jamir said that although education is not a mandate of IDAN, the education sector has huge potential for investment. in Nagaland through the creation of medical, engineering, technology, digital and management institutes. , vocational training and skill building institutes and other areas where the state government cannot cover everything.

He hopes the education fair will open the eyes of Naga students by taking advantage of opportunities from educational institutions across the country while inviting potential investors to the state.

Jamir stressed the need to shift from the current educational process of “memorization” – a system that caters primarily to blue and white collar jobs – to that of “creative thinking” and technology jobs in Nagaland.

He said that after the first Edu-Connect conclave, the baton would be passed to operational departments in the coming years to elevate the event to much higher scales.

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