Rural Colorado School Districts Call for Base Teacher Salary Increase


DENVER (KDVR) – A rural school district wants $ 40,000 a year for new teachers in rural districts, but all rural districts are not created equal.

The Campo school district is trying to rally sponsors for a bill that would increase the basic salary of rural teachers. Schools have salary scales that pay more as teachers gain years of teaching experience or have more education.

In the Campo school district – one of 200 districts in the state with the lowest average salary – this would increase teachers’ base salary by $ 12,500. Each of the other lower-paid rural districts would see their base salary increase from $ 6,000 to $ 10,000

However, rural does not necessarily mean low pay.

Most of the state, in fact, is rural. Colorado Department of Education records list about 75% of the state’s school districts as small rural or rural.

The difference in basic salary between all of these rural districts varies considerably.

Some of the better paid rural districts already have basic pay rates well above the ceiling proposed by Campo District.

The better the real estate, the higher the teachers’ salaries will be. Resort communities in the High Rockies are still considered rural, but their base salary is 10-15% higher.

Aspen 1 – which has the highest average salary of any rural school district – has a base salary of $ 43,000.


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