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CEDAR FALLS — The school board unanimously approved a raise of just over 3% Monday night for Superintendent Andy Pattee.

Chairman Jeff Hassman said the board evaluated Pattee’s performance last month and ensured that the Cedar Falls Community Schools superintendent’s compensation was competitive with that of similarly sized school districts.


His annual salary drops from $210,000 currently to $216,426 on July 1, the first day of a three-year contract extension.

“The board is very pleased with the superintendent’s performance,” Hassman said. “And I think it’s a real advantage that we have Dr. Pattee’s longevity here. I think longevity helps provide stability.

Jeff Hasman


He noted how Pattee staying with Cedar Falls schools serves as an “inspiration” to other district administrators and “helps us build the great programs we have throughout the district.”

Pattee has served as superintendent since 2013.

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Total compensation as a whole increased by 3%. Hassman said after the meeting that the superintendent’s pay hike remains in line with other district administrators, who also received raises earlier in the evening.

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Pattee’s District 403B pension contribution will continue, and he will keep his district car allowance of $3,500, in addition to his other standard benefits, like health insurance.

Prior to the current fiscal year, when he received a 5.73% pay increase, Pattee received a salary of $201,778.

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A non-negotiating district group of approximately 33 high-level directors, directors, and associate directors also received an average total compensation increase of 3.02 percent, which equates to a cost to the district of $104,236.

This package covers wages, insurance premiums, state pension, and federal tax on insurance contributions.


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