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TBWA India’s latest campaign for the lead features a TVC featuring the heartwarming story of a young mom and dad who say they are jealous of their child because of the exposure the children of today undergo through their Lead Powered School â ???? insight that is unexplored in communication and that rings very true.

Lead’s TVC provides real insight into an emotional parenting conversation ????? lens, something that has not been touched so far.

The film reflects a shift in mindset regarding old and new teaching methods. An unfulfilled desire of parents to learn as their children learn today with new teaching methods that are active, curiosity-driven and based on audio, visual and cutting-edge technological tools that make learning fun and interactive. A clear change from the old passive modes of lecture-based teaching and learning that parents were used to growing up.

Times have changed and lead-fueled schools are keeping pace with the changing times, progressive parents seem to be saying. Marking a shift towards progressive parenting, even when it comes to choosing the right school for a child, “Lead Se Padhenge Toh Lead Karenge” is the bugle call that can be found at heart of the countryside.

Lead Powered Schools aims to prepare children across India not only for exams, but also to prepare them for life. Lead propels millions of students in cities of Tier 2 and above with an international level of education, uninterrupted learning in hybrid classrooms, and all other resources available in schools in major cities. Currently, Lead has over 2,000 schools, with a presence in 400 districts.


Anupam Gurani, Marketing Director, Lead, said: “Growing up I witnessed how my parents wanted to provide me with a better education, but the limited opportunities were always a restriction. Now, as a parent, I echo a similar sentiment for my child. With our very first pan-Indian campaign, we want to reach out to all parents who are looking to provide a better school education for their child but who have felt limited due to the lack of options. Lead Powered Schools solves this problem by providing world-class education in a small town in India, which is our primary market. The thinking behind the campaign is based on a beautiful idea harnessing the emotion of how each successive generation of parents wants to give more to their children and, in the process, learn from them.

Film director Nitesh Tiwari said, “Lead does a commendable job of empowering and enabling schools to have a program that provides children with a global level of education. Commercial Captures Parent ???? perspective of how a Lead Powered School delivers interactive and rewarding education, both at school and at home. I admire the brand’s vision to transform formal education in India.

TBWA India CEO Govind Pandey said:? ? Lead has a lofty social mission to deliver excellence in education to all. This ad recognizes the role of hardworking progressive parents in grade 2 and 3 central India as true heroes who despite the obstacles of their generation, have done something on their own and now have the exposure and determination to know the difference that a good school education can make and do not want to compromise. and turbulent times.

Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner of TBWA India, said: “We often joke about being jealous of our children because of the exposure they have in a world that is markedly different from when we were. were children. Although universal child-rearing rules still apply, parents today face a whole new playing field. And the pressure to choose wisely is great. LEAD is one of those choices a progressive parent can make knowing that they have chosen a propulsive learning opportunity for their children. We wanted to bring this to life in a fun way while focusing on that ultimately sweet emotion of a parent jealous of their child.

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