Teacher charged after allegedly grabbing student by the hair


MPs say the video shows the teacher grabbing a student’s hair and pulling him to another spot on the gym floor as he moved on his hands and knees.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC – A teacher in the Lexington One County School District is on administrative leave after allegedly grabbing a student’s hair and pulling it, officials say.

District officials said a teacher at Beechwood Middle School was put on administrative leave on Friday following the incident.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said the teacher was charged with third-degree assault and battery in connection with the assault on a student.

“The teacher contacted the school resources manager at Beechwood Middle School on Friday afternoon to tell him that an incident had occurred between her and a student during class,” the Lexington County Sheriff said, Jay Koon. “SRO then notified the school administrators and began a review of the security camera video.”

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MPs say the video shows a student in a gym class not doing warm-up exercises with other students, according to the incident report.

The teacher “can be seen in the video walking towards the student, grabbing his hair and pulling him to another spot on the gym floor as he moved on his hands and knees,” Koon said.

MPs say the teacher let go of the student’s hair and continued to lead the class in the exercise. The teacher then told the ORS that she called the student’s mother to tell her about the incident and to apologize. The mother told the ORS that she wanted to file a complaint against the teacher.

The ORS cited the teacher, who was asked to leave campus and placed on administrative leave.

Lexington One officials say the school is cooperating with authorities. “The safety of our students is our top priority,” a district official said in a statement. The school is fully cooperating with law enforcement in this investigation. “

MPs say the teacher will appear in Lexington County Magistrate’s Court on December 1.

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