Teacher gets 29 years in rigorous prison for sexually assaulting student


A teacher was sentenced to 29 years of rigorous imprisonment (RI) by a special fast-track court for sexually assaulting a first-class student. The court said the teacher’s offense was inhumane and barbaric.

“The convict’s evil act on an innocent 6.5-year-old girl certainly calls for severe punishment and so I decided to impose it on him,” the court said.

The child recounted the incident to his parents who filed a complaint.

The court said that a teacher is seen as the embodiment of knowledge, wisdom and fine qualities of life. “Guru is a friend, a philosopher, a guide, a social engineer and a nation builder. In Indian philosophy, Guru occupies an exalted and envious position.

Its influence is not limited to an individual but extends to families, institutions and educational establishments, in fact, in all spheres of life. He imparts knowledge, teaches the values ​​of life, guides and builds the nation itself, ”the court noted in the judgment.

According to the prosecution, the child, aged 6.5 years at the time of the facts, was molested in 2012 by the teacher while he was accompanying the students on a study trip from school.

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