Teacher of the Week: Kelly Senters


Kelly Senters, a teacher at Ionia High School, always knew she wanted to be a teacher. She has been teaching for 10 years, two of which with Ionia.

IONIA, Michigan – We recognize another outstanding educator from West Michigan. This next Teacher of the Week came out of Ionia Public Schools, and she got a surprise when 13 ON YOUR SIDE stopped by.

Ionia High School teacher Kelly Senters had a puzzled look on her face as she walked into the room to the cheers of a crowd of students and teachers.

“I didn’t know this was happening. So especially to have all the kids here, it’s really cool,” said Senters, who said she felt a little off guard after learning she had been chosen as the teacher of the week. “I feel super honoured. I think I’m working with the best team ever and I can’t believe you’re talking to me.

She’s a high school English teacher, along with many other roles, and she’s had her eye on education since the very beginning.

“I pretty much knew I wanted to be a teacher all my life,” Senters said.

However, she was a little distracted at first.

“Then I went to college and decided I was going to be a nurse. So it didn’t really work out. It was a few weeks. Then I moved on to major in teaching.

Now she has been teaching for about 10 years, two of which with Ionia High School.

“I never feel like I’m working. I come here every day and I feel like I’m spending time with really cool kids and we talk English and it’s fun,” Senters said.

Lilly is a freshman at Ionia High School and says she never had Senters as a teacher but still has a very close relationship with her.

“She really deserves it more than anyone because she’s there for everyone. She always has such a great attitude. She always has that warm feeling and that’s something a lot of students need,” Lilly said.

Craig Bowen is the principal of Ionia Secondary School and said: ‘The staff pick on me and say I like doing assemblies, ‘Mr. Bowen loves having assemblies,” but I think coming together as a big family is just as important as a small family and when we have our students here to share those experiences with our staff, it galvanizes them and helps us create those relationships that we try.

This Teacher of the Week was emotional at the celebration planned just for her, saying, “Teachers don’t get called in, individually, very often for stuff. So that’s cool. It’s cool that it is for me.

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