The 5th cohort of the School of Government and Politics ends on Saturday

Apostle Obii Pax-Harry, founder of SOGP

ABUJA – On Saturday, March 26, the School of Government and Politics (SOGP) will conclude the 5th cohort of the Values ​​Reorientation and National Development course. The topic of the conference is “Envisioning Change”. It will be the culmination of an eight-week session that kicked off on January 29 in Abuja and on Zoom with a lecture on “Introduction to Critical Thinking” with participants from across Nigeria and the African continent.
The graduation ceremony of the 5th cohort will be held on April 30 in Abuja.
The SOGP founded by Apostle Obii Pax-Harry under the auspices of the Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Center (NARC) aims to train transformational leaders in Africa.

SOGP recognizes the need to shift the development and governance paradigm in Nigeria and Africa, underpinned by genuine leadership serving the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, imbued with a sense of mission.
He believes in the commitment of the government apparatus to achieve the cardinal objective of forging institutional and intersectoral links that facilitate the design and implementation of public policies that generate accelerated, inclusive and integrated economic development on a sustainable basis. .
Therefore, SOGP’s vision of developing transformational leaders in government and politics is realized through structured professional development programs and initiatives.
SOGP, along with its leadership and alumni, has led nation-building conversations on national identity, politics and governance, sustainable development, the 1999 Constitution, and more. and served as a think tank for the government in policy development.
Some of SOGP’s annual programs and activities include the Statesman Series – an annual conference-style school event designed to leverage the experience and expertise of seasoned men and women with lasting legacies in the spheres of government and politics in building capacity to deepen good governance and chart the way to a better Nigeria.
SOGP has organized two editions of the Statesman Series. In 2019, he moderated discussions on the theme “TOWARDS A NATIONAL IDENTITY” and in 2021, the focus was on “ETHICS AND VALUES AS A TOOL FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”.
The Conversation Series is hosted quarterly by the school where industry practitioners, politicians, etc. who have distinguished themselves in their sector are invited to address the citizens during a town hall type meeting where questions are also received from the citizens and to which the panelists answer.
The Cohort is a training course that is a curriculum-driven program structured around the systemic challenges of the nation, focused on building transformative, values-based leaders, tailored to the students’ existing schedule. It is through this training course that the SOGP graduates the professionals of the Reorientation of Values ​​and National Development course.
The first cohort took place in November 2019 and successfully ran four cohorts of this entry level course and trained no less than 200 people in Nigeria and other countries in Africa like Ghana, Sierra Leone , Rwanda, Burundi, etc.

Another commendable NARC program is the Justice League, a corrections initiative focused on prison reform and inmate rehabilitation. Justice League of the Nehemiah Center is led by a former Cross River State Attorney General, Nella Endem (SAN) and Mrs. Yetunde Fawinhim. It has 20 pro bono lawyers and has secured the release of 37 detainees since it began operations in June 2021.

The Justice League Group’s Cross River State Chapter was officially inaugurated in July 2021. Ms. Nella Andem Rabana, SAN led the group’s coordinator, Dr. Paul O. Ebiala on a courtesy visit to the Comptroller of Cross River State Corrections. for the support/cooperation of the Correctional Centre. The Controller was briefed on Justice League’s purpose and objectives and asked to allow the group access to the center’s detention facilities. The comptroller issued the group with a letter of introduction dated August 6, 2021 in which the group was allowed to visit the Afokang facility and communicate with inmates without any hindrance.

Armed with the comptroller’s letter, the Cross River State chapter of the Justice League visited the facility three times on separate days and interacted with a total of 47 inmates to obtain information on why they were arrested and imprisoned. Of these, two were released by the management of the correctional center before the third visit of the group, namely Edet Ewah Mba (18 years old), who was charged with unlawful carnal relations in the court of first instance 2 in the case No. MC/660c/2019. and Sunday Ettah Asigbe (23), who was charged with attempted murder in Magistrates Court 10 in charge No. MC/364c/2019, respectively. In the same vein, a certain Edidiong Augustine (31), who was charged with theft in Port Court in indictment no. MC421c/2018, was represented by Justice League discharged by the court for lack of due diligence on August 19, 2021. .

The remaining 44 cases were distributed among members in a ratio of 3, 4 and 5, based on capacity, for treatment.

To ensure transparent handling of the cases, the Justice League of Cross River State contacted the Chief Justice of the State and requested a waiver of the filing fee for the affected inmates and the waiver was granted. .
Justice League is also very active in many other parts of the country like Lagos.

Another NARC program is the Rebuilding Lives Mission (RLM). On December 29, 2021, the RLM celebrated the ninth anniversary of its widows and youth mission with outreach in Egbu, a town in Owerri, Imo State, where the Bible was translated into Igbo by an Anglican deacon, Dennis, who is believed to have died. on the high seas on the way back to Europe. A mighty altar of renewal resides in this city of five villages.
RLM started with 400 widows and 120 young people. Several widows were trained in various skills and received soft loans to start businesses that are now thriving. Several young people have also been trained and now run their own businesses.
Besides the South East, RLM has made leaps and bounds in Nasarawa State.


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