The Fargo Board of Education plans to increase daily pay for substitute teachers


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) — The Fargo Board of Education may soon be putting more money in the pockets of daily substitute teachers.

It was mentioned at the beginning of last month.

But, next week, it could become a reality.

With quarantines and the isolation of COVID-19, school districts across the region have never seen such a high need for substitute teachers.

The hope is that more money will entice more workers to help.

Currently, Fargo and West Fargo school districts offer daily subs for $112/day.

Moorhead offers $2 more.

Some members of the Fargo Board of Education hope to increase this amount to $200/day for elementary school subs and $175/day for middle and high school subs.

With the increase of more than $80 for a day, the memo says surrounding districts will likely have to adjust their rates to keep up.

However, some feedback has shown that there are replacements who are loyal to a certain neighborhood and prefer to stay there.

One problem with the proposal the school board came up with last month is that with limited funding, salaries for permanent staff would be hard to raise, they say, if they spend a substantial amount of money, raise pennies – daily wages.

On top of that, the daily rate for a long-term underteacher in Fargo Public Schools is $228.

By increasing the rate of daily subscriptions, there would not be much of a gap between the two groups.

The board says in the considerations of the memo that the hope is still to influence the subs to sign long-term agreements, with a commitment of 175 days of student contact.

Council is due to vote on Tuesday.

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