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A teacher who is always seen in the classroom teaching students has gone the extra mile by portraying her heart and mind to beautify her school. This outsourced drawing teacher devoted his work, time, labor and sweat to connect every wall to the student with attractive paintings.

This social initiative not only beautifies the school, but also creates social awareness among the students. Yerra Satyanarayana, who was working as a sub-contracted drawing teacher at Andhavarapu Varaha Narasimham Municipal Secondary School (AVNM), Gujarathipeta within the boundaries of Srikakulam Municipal Company, is making his contribution to his school beautification in the part of the Nadu-Nedu program. He worked with the mission of connecting students to the walls through engaging paintings of academic subjects and social issues. He has depicted hundreds of paintings related to science, history, math, Swatch Bharat and COVID precautions on at least 4,000 square feet of school walls.

However, he waits to finish the paintings on the wall of the school grounds. He painted murals of discipline, storytelling, and good manners on the walls of classrooms. The works of art in the hallway of the classrooms represent various lessons belonging to physics, chemistry, biology, history and mathematics. Part of the walls outside the building have been covered with plantation, water-saving, Swatch Bharat, and COVID-19 precautions paints. Therefore, the school wall educates students about academic subjects as well as social issues in addition to beautification. Speaking to TNIE, drawing teacher Y Satyanrayana said, “I enrolled as an outsourced craft teacher in this school in 2012. I have received so many state-level awards for my drawings. At least 320 students trained in my home have received national diplomas and state-level awards for drawings. I believe that the image is an effective way to raise awareness. Therefore, I resumed my drawing and painting work. painting at school as part of the Nadu-Nedu program.

I finished my drawings and paintings in the classrooms during the confinement. Although the government only paid for an area of ​​3000 square feet, I completed an area of ​​paintings of 4000 square feet. I am waiting to finish the composed murals. I think it is my social responsibility to develop my school. I never care about the payments made by the government of Andhra Pradesh. I received great applause from my school community, students and their parents. “

I feel honored to represent my art on the walls of my school rather than receiving state-level awards. Speaking to TNIE, P Indira Mani, Principal of AVNM High School, said: “We paid according to Nadu-Nedu grants to the outsourced drawing teacher for his drawing and paintings. However, he got the job done. more than we paid. I hope these paintings would create awareness about various social issues, besides beautifying these walls. We have received a good response from our senior officials, students, parents and other teachers of schools for these paintings. “


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