UK Flight School partners with university to offer private pilot training


Flight school FTA Global, based in the South of England, UK, has partnered with the University of Brighton to offer private pilot study options for university degrees “BEng (Hons ) Aeronautical Engineering” and “MEng Aeronautical Engineering”.

The new flight training option module will offer students the opportunity to obtain a private pilot license as part of their studies and can be taken at any time during their course. Students who complete the module will earn a diploma completed with “with private pilot studies” in its title.

Dr Anastasios Georgoulas, Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering and Head of Aeronautical Engineering Course at the University of Brighton, said:

This is an amazing opportunity to merge the world of flight and engineering at the University of Brighton. Being a pilot makes you a better engineer, and being an engineer makes you a better pilot. Being able to fly is also a wonderful line on a CV, as well as a wonderful passion in itself.

Sean Jacob, Managing Director of FTA Global, said:

Students will have access to fantastic facilities at the University of Brighton, such as their wind tunnel and jet engine, which will bring the theoretical concepts taught in class to life. This is just the beginning of the benefits this offering will bring as we work together to maximize our combined wealth of educational, industry and practical knowledge.

Students wishing to complete the pilot training module will receive a 10% discount from FTA Global on the usual cost.

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