Unominds plans to expand to 25 villages to improve early childhood education in rural India


India, June 16, 2022:Unominds, a teacher training institute and women’s empowerment center, will expand its services to 25 villages in India. The institute will train women by identifying the right teaching skills, redefining them and helping them standardize basic early childhood education in these villages for the benefit of the children.

Mamta Surendra Prasad Thakur, CEO of Unominds said, “Our vision is to make education accessible to children. The lack of an age-appropriate curriculum and adequate teaching skills is a major barrier to the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and moral development of children. This has left several gaps in early childhood care and education despite efforts by government agencies and NGOs. At Unominds, we aim to train thousands of preschool teachers this year. Children will only benefit from 360 degree development when educators have the right skills, knowledge and passion for the profession.

Unominds collaborates with local authorities in the villages. Together, he plans to empower women and educate children. Several scientific studies have concluded that the first five years of children’s lives are crucial for developing their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and moral skills which are the essential building blocks of a strong foundation in children. The Unominds program provides holistic development for teachers, helping them deliver a world-class curriculum in a fun and creative way.

Unominds trains women because they are the primary caregivers. It has targeted 25 villages and plans to expand its services to other villages in due course. A huge percentage of children do not have access to adequate education due to the lack of educators. Unominds’ mission is to train a minimum of 10,000 credible and certified teachers to make education accessible and affordable.

Nikhil Thakur, Managing Director of Unominds, said“Unominds proactively travels to cities and towns across India to identify gaps in early childhood basic education. Our mission is to improve the school setting, develop local skills, to empower and train women and educate children. This mission is a colossal undertaking and requires strong support from communities, businesses and authorities. We urge all who resonate with our vision to work with us and support us.

Access to good pre-school education in India is an unfulfilled dream. In addition to existing shortcomings, the outbreak of Covid-19 and its subsequent lockdowns have dealt a severe blow to the education sector. These disruptions hinder the development of children, which is why Unominds is playing an important role in regularizing basic early childhood education in India.


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