[UPDATED] Teacher cuts wife to death and dies after drinking poison in Barrackpore



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Primary school teacher Amar Deobarran –

A primary school teacher hacked his wife to death and died after drinking poison, in the violent end to a 14-year marriage on the brink of divorce, in the rural village of Barrackpore on Friday night.

An hour before her murder, Omatie Deobarran, 36, questioned her husband Amar, 41, about a threat of eviction from his home and recorded the argument on his mobile phone.

Omatie was cut multiple times and died at the scene while her husband died in hospital hours later.

The murder-suicide sent shockwaves through the community of South Trace, Barrackpore, where the couple lived with their two children – a 13-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, in the husband’s extended family home.

Omatie was employed as a Bankers Insurance Supervisor, in Chaguanas and Amar was a teacher at Avocat Vedic Elementary School.

According to police reports, officers responded to a suspected murder report and met the couple’s daughter on the roadway with her grandmother.

The child told police that around 7.40pm on Friday, his father, armed with a cutlass, came to the back of the house and attacked his mother.

She ran for help and alerted her grandmother and neighbors. Amar was seen running away from home, drinking from a bottle of what appeared to be a poisonous liquid.

The police went to the back of the house where they saw Omatie lying face down with chop wounds on her left hand and the left side of her neck.

Paramedics were called and determined that Omatie was dead. Police and paramedics then found Amar in a shed at the back of the house foaming.

He was taken to Princes Town District Health Facility and then transferred to San Fernando General Hospital where he died around 1:30 a.m.

At Omatie’s family home in Mohess Road, Penal, her brother Jagdesh Kanchan, 31, said Omatie’s daughter called and told them her father had chopped her mother, whom the family called Jemma, and s had fled to the back of their house.

“We got the call around 8:30 p.m. By the time we got there it was almost 9:00 p.m..” The police and other relatives were already there.

“We couldn’t get in to see anything.”

While Omatie’s relatives were outside the property, Kanchan said some of Amar’s relatives dragged him out from the back of the property and put him in a van. “He was not well in his head because he drank poison.”

Asked what could have triggered Amar’s actions, Kanchan replied, “Amar was having an affair. That’s why he pushed Jemma (Omatie) to divorce her.”

Last year, Jagdesh said, Amar told Omatie he was seeing another woman and wanted to bring her to live with them. “So she (Omatie) had to move.”

But he said Omatie “decided to stay for the sake of the children”. Omatie gathered evidence of Amar’s infidelity and obtained the services of a lawyer. Some of this evidence was recorded on WhatsApp.

Kanchan said Omatie was “a generous person who never said no to anyone”. While Omatie has been doing her best to keep things as stable as possible for her children, Kanchan said things got progressively worse from last September until Friday.

Jagdesh Kanchan, brother of Omatie Deobarran, plays a video sent by his sister before she was killed by her husband Amar Deobarran at their home in Barrackpore on Friday night. – Lincoln Holder

“Every day they argued.” He said that Omatie gave his information to this lawyer. When asked if Omatie feared for her life or that of her children, Kanchan replied, “They said Amar was suicidal and he studied by cutting them with a cutlass, driving her out of the house.”

Omatie never reported this to the police. But Jagdesh said she left him with a relative. “It was only recently that we learned all of this. She confided in her lawyer.” Omatie was reportedly advised to record any argument she had with Amar.

Kanchan said Omatie and Amar were in court on March 30. He added that they had been advised to live in separate parts of the property. Last Thursday, Kanchan said Amar took their son and did not bring him home after the appointed time.

“She filed a petition and he received it yesterday (Friday).” Although he doesn’t know what was in the correspondence Amar received from Omatie’s lawyer, Kanchan believes “that’s what tripped him up.” He revealed that Omatie sent him and other relatives a video via WhatsApp at 6:48 p.m. on Friday.

Kanchan played the swearing video. In it, he said, the voices of Omatie and Amar were heard but they were not seen in the video. An unknown woman was seen talking to Omatie. Amar was heard accusing Omatie of lying to him.

“Go, go, go. Start packing your bags. Go with what you’re wearing,” Amar said.

“No. I’ll pack my clothes,” Omatie replied.

The stranger said to Omatie: “You have no feelings for these children.” We heard Omatie answer him. We heard Amar telling the woman not to say anything. “She’s going to put this in court.”

The woman and Omatie continued to argue. “Look at the road over there, go ahead,” the woman told him.

Omatie said, “Let me go. Let me get out of here and go.” Amar told her the children weren’t going anywhere. Omatie threatened to go to the police. Amar replied, “They’re not going anywhere.”

Omatie replied, “What are you doing to me? You told me you were going to divorce. You told me you were going to get papers to sign. How?”

Amar asked why Omatie used US dollars, she had to pay a lawyer to take him to court.

“Everything you were doing in the background and playing with your phone? before the end of the recording.

When asked if they knew what happened, Kanchan replied, “The little boy, he saw it all.” He added that it took him two hours to settle in before recounting what happened. According to Kanchan, the incident happened in the dining room of the house.

Omatie was working on her computer, her son let Amar in after he called. Kanchan said that upon entering the house, Amar chopped Omatie. Her daughter was upstairs.

Kanchan said the Omatie children were seeing a counselor before the incident to help them deal with their parents’ impending divorce. He said Omatie’s lawyer will ensure that these services continue for his children.

Omatie’s cousin, Tricia Kanchan, believed that a letter Amar received from Omatie’s lawyer could have triggered events leading up to the incident.

When asked if Omatie asked Amar for a divorce in that letter, Tricia replied, “I’m not really sure, but it was something leading up to that.”

Omatie worked at Bankers Insurance in Chaguanas for 15 years. Kanchan said she was promoted last year from accountant to supervisor. He reiterated that the family did not expect this to happen.

Omatie and Amar Deobarran in an undated family photo. –

“He (Amar) was a very educated person. We didn’t expect that.” Omatie’s children are staying with members of his family in Penal. “They are comfortable here,” Kanchan said.

At Amar’s in Barrackpore, those close to him were in a somber mood. The front door to the property was eventually locked once inside.

A 45-year-old cousin of Amar, who declined to be named, said the family was shocked by what had happened.

“I think they had marital issues. I think it was recent. They were living together. They were in therapy.” When asked if Omatie and Amar had any prior tensions that could have triggered Friday’s incident, he replied: “The police are making a report. I don’t know what happened.”

He described Amar as an upright citizen, who did charity work, loved his children and someone who had a passion for education.

“Everyone makes mistakes and sadly it resulted in a death. I don’t condone what he did. Violence against women is not tolerated anywhere in the world.”

“He (Amar) may have had a fit of rage. He wasn’t thinking clearly and probably temporary insanity for lack of a better word.” Amar, the cousin continued, had been a teacher for ten years.

He didn’t know if Omatie and Amar’s problems involved custody of their children. He added that Amar’s relatives had not spoken with Omatie’s relatives.

A neighbor said the incident “shocked the whole village”. He said Amar often gave free lessons to children in the area and often spoke of his ambition to become “one of the youngest (school) principals”. He knew nothing of Omatie.

“She would take care of her children and go to work.”

Another neighbor said things have been difficult for Amar’s family since his father died of covid19 last year.

In February, Vashti Suraj-Sookram, 30, was axed by her husband David Sookram, 38, who later took his own life in Barrackpore.

Her right wrist and left arm were nearly severed during the marital dispute, but doctors managed to reattach them.

In a March 17 interview, Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob encouraged victims of domestic violence, both men and women, to seek police help, even if they don’t want the abuser charged with a criminal offence.

Jacob was asked to comment on the matter in light of the recent incident where a Carenage man was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by a woman. He said that although he could not comment on the particular case that was being investigated, he encouraged people to alert the police in the event of domestic violence.

This story has been updated with additional details. It was first published as Teacher dies in hospital after cutting wife to death in Barrackpore

A 36-year-old woman was shot to death at her home in South Trace, Barrackpore and her attacker died after drinking poison.

According to police reports, officers responded to a report of an alleged murder in the area and upon arrival encountered a relative of 13-year-old Omatie Deobarran standing in the roadway with her grandmother.

The relative told police that around 7:40 p.m. on April 1, the suspect, Amar Deobarran, a 41-year-old schoolteacher, armed with a cutlass, came to the back of the house where the child was living with his mother. Police were told the teacher repeatedly cut Deobarran.

The child ran for help and alerted his grandmother and neighbors. The suspect was seen running from the house, drinking from a bottle of what appeared to be a poisonous liquid.

The officers went to the back of the house where they saw Deobarran lying face down with cuts on her left hand and the left side of her neck.

Paramedics were called and they determined that Deobarran was dead. Police and paramedics later found the assailant in a shed at the back of the house foaming. He died Saturday morning in hospital.

District Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rajkumar attended the scene and ordered the woman’s body transferred to San Fernando General Hospital Mortuary pending post-mortem examination at the Forensic Sciences Center in St James.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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