Windsor HS uses new course to help with workforce development


WINDSOR (WBNG) – Within Windsor Central School District (WCSD), the Applied Manufacturing Economics course is the latest addition to high school this fall.

“Cornell approached us and the Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology about a partnership to enter K-12 education to help with workforce development. We had this ongoing project idea and it became the perfect opportunity,” said Assistant Superintendent of Training Scott Beattie.

Beattie said it met a graduation requirement, but was also used as a tool to create a pipeline to get more students interested in the field.

“It’s a non-traditional approach to teaching economics,” Beattie said. “We are starting slowly in terms of learning economic theory. We made an Adirondack chair this summer so the kids would do some kind of reverse engineering to figure out what exactly happened to it. We have planned a field trip this week to go to Buckingham so students can get out and start seeing the world of manufacturing.

As for the world of manufacturing, Beattie spoke about the need for greater community interest here in New York. “When you look at workforce development, manufacturing is one of those areas that needs employees,” he said. “It’s important to really have a K-12, college, and employer connection to fill that void.”

Overall, Beattie sees this course as a launchpad to vast career opportunities within the industry. “The exposure to hand tools, the actual creation of chairs, understanding the economics of running a business. So there are several avenues in this course that children are exposed to. If they choose the one of them is great,” he said.


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